Saturday, September 9, 2017

Boys vs Girls

Hi folks!

People often asked me what is the difference between having boys than girls (as I have two sons and one daughter)...I would say girl is a good company for all girlie trips and stuff and also love to share their stories with you (stick with you) whereas boys are more adventurous, playful and have something up on their sleeves (almost) ALL THE TIME. Sometimes it can create such a headache or heart attack for me.

Yesterday was a day off for my two kids due to a local Yr 6(UPSR) exam at school which needs to allocate the classrooms for the exam candidates. And it happened to be a day off for me as well..

So I took the chance to have some one-to-one date(very important!) with my two kids. After dropping off the eldest for some enrichment trial class, I brought my second one somewhere for a chat before heading home to do some household chores. He then told me that he wanted to use the staircase instead of the lift...the next minute when I reached our floor...I saw him limping... 🀦‍♀️

So quickly I got an ice pack ready and got my eo pocket reference book out again..and found out wow the Idaho Balsam Fir which I used for youngest son's cough and respiration issues is actually great for his sprain ankle. Also the Cool Azul is also great to reduce the pain. So I dilute the oil with OrthoEase massage oil(a type of massage oil used in the raindrop massage technique) and layered it one after another before putting the ice-pack for him.

One and a half hour later we had to go out to fetch my eldest daughter. At first I was worried that he might not able to walk. End up he was again running and hiding away at the staircase πŸ’† I dunno 🀷‍♀️if I should get angry 😑at him for the hide n seek during my rushy hour or be happy πŸ˜‡that his ankle pain gone so quickly ...

Haha this is the tale about having boy over girl and also how the oils have again helped me in need of time so that we could resume our remaining day activity. It's not always we get this one-to-one bonding moment ...which is very important for us to connect with each of our children and be aware of their challenges or train of thoughts at every stage of their life πŸ˜‰

And now I learnt a new function of my beloved Idaho Balsam Fir 🌲 eo which I have also passed some to my sis when my niece was admitted for lung infection recently. It's the oil to go when you have younger children with respiratory issue πŸ‘ Just dilute and apply on their spine and sole every 2-3hours to ease the condition and help the body to recover better.

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Cheers and have an awesome day!

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