Tuesday, October 17, 2017

My trusty aid to calm a child and continue to have fun

Hi folks! 

I would like to share this incident happened quite sometime back and it happened again recently which I thought it might benefit others so I like to share it here.

Once, I brought my kids, my in-laws as well as my niece and nephew to go cycling at Tmn. Tasik Titiwangsa. Out of a sudden, barely 10 minutes we arrived, my niece complained of tummy upset. Then my mil quickly asked me to apply my "oil" for her (as she often see how I used to apply essential oils for my children for all sorts of ailments). 

While Digize or Tummygize are the two best oil for tummy discomfort, I only carry Lavender eo with me (those who knows me would know I love and always carry around my eo first aid- lavender with me everywhere I go!). So I just make a prayer and apply on her tummy as well as her chest and let her inhale the remaining lavender eo on palm. Voila, the oil managed to calm her down and she no longer feels pain in her tummy and was able to continue having fun with the rest of her cousins ❤️

So tis incident further proves to me that eo with its high frequencies and lavender being eo with calming effects is my all-round first aid oil to have around! Yep, sometimes when we don't have the best "oil" for the situation, just say our prayer and make the best intention and trust the oil do its work.

And if you are wondering where I get my Young Living essential oil, you can actually get this from here.

Try to get the membership and buy it at wholesale price(it's more worth it!) rather than paying at retail price or buying elsewhere. You gained more than just wholesale price..you will also get some promo and free oils from their loyalty plan. So it's killing two birds with one stone! 

As a mom of 3, I often look for best bargain to gain the most benefits of the money spent. So feel free to contact me if you wish to find out which if the promo items that worth to invest!

Cheers and have an awesome day!

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