Saturday, July 8, 2017

21 Days of Transformation Journal 1

Hi folks,

Remember i was sharing how i started practising Aroma Freedom Technique(AFT) and now i coupled it with a group of my friends whereby we promised ourselves to add one items we wish to add in our life per day and take out one item we wished to remove from our day.

So here's my list for my own reflection and record.
  1. Stop and Listen more, Multitasking and rushing less
  2. Persevere more, Procrastinate less
  3. Love more, Angry less
  4. Do more, Complain less
  5. Act more, doubt less
  6. Care and smile more, Scold less
  7. Speak from the heart more, hesitate less 
  8. Read more, TV less
  9. AFT daily, Junk food & waste time less 
  10. Just do it, No excuse or second thought 
  11. This list shall continue......
Shall post more on those I have implemented and what are the lessons learnt.

Will you like to join me on this path of transformation? Simply set aside sometime and decide on one action you would add in your daily life and one action to less/omit for the next 21days and commit to it...let's share our adventures together 👍

Sending lotsa love and prayer to our success in our transformation 🙏💕


Raya activities and small kitchen mishaps

Hi folks!

During the Raya weekend, we went back to visit my in-laws with my children. We love the cooking time together as my mother-in-law would prepare a lot of lovely food for us. I could only be her assistant and do some cutting and washing.

As I was cutting some chillies 🌶, I accidentally cut my thumb and the blood just kept oozing out. I am not sure how Deep is the cut but I could feel the pain and my in-law must have been shocked to see the drips of blood on the chopping board.

So immediately I rush upstairs and get my lavender and I dropped neat on the wound and tried to stop the bleeding by holding onto it and put on the plaster. Of course we know helichrysum essential oil would be the best oil in such circumstances as it is a natural painkiller and is known as the invisible seal for cuts like this. However, with only lavender with me, I just use it with faith and it does help to reduce the pain and subsequently stop the bleeding as well.

No stitches required and the wound is now healed. So folks, do get one and carry your handy lavender essential oil around whenever your u never know when you might need it! ❤️

I used it for cuts, for insect bites, as insect repellant, for burns, for bath soak, for a good sleep and simply just to relax and have a lovely scent up our frequencies ✌️

❤️ my lavender eo, my trusty first aid 🙏

Are you interested to get your hands on these lovely Young Living Essential Oils? Just give me a buzz and I am happy to share more with you.

Alternatively, you can also easily sign up and enjoy the oils at wholesale price by clicking on the link here.

Cheers and have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Traffic condition after Raya break

Hi folks!

After the long (Hari Raya) break, everyone seems to be working hard to clear their piles of work in office that for the past few days, it was such an unusually bumper-to-bumper ride at the carpark itself(my colleagues and I were stuck in a massive jam in the carpark for as long as 30 minutes) and all the way home! Last night it took my friend 2 hours instead of 1 hour to reach home.

I felt aching all over my body due to the long drive. After I finished my dinner and getting ready for shower it was already 9pm. I got my husband to apply the raindrop oils with some basic feathering technique for me and I slept like a baby 👶 till it was hard to wake up early to prepare my daughter for school 😊 the next day!