Friday, January 26, 2018

CNY coming..

Hi folks!

Chinese New Year is a significant event for the Chinese. With CNY approaching fast, you will see cars queuing up at the popular malls as well as at the wet market.

I love the festive mood in the air, not to mention the time spend with families and friends but I dreaded the traffic jam and the crowd at the malls and wet market.

So what would you do if you are in my shoes? Yes!!! Online shopping. These days, it is becoming more and more convenient to purchase stuff online at the convenience of our home. Besides being able to escape from the crowd, not having to look and pay for the parking, i love the fact that we get to compare prices and check out the reviews on the products we are interested to buy before making the purchase.

What have i bought online?

One of my favorite shopping items online is .......what else but kids plant-based formula! Usually whenever there is promotion or discount code, i would try to stock up the Oatmilk and get it delivered right to my doorstep, no need for me to carry up to my apartment!

Other stuff i have tried buying online is laptop bags, socks, undies, mop pails, groceries and many more.

One good thing  about online shopping is we are able to track the shipping, and also ensure that there's black and white proof of our purchase. 

I have experienced delay for my parcel so i lodge a report and alas were compensated by the company. The most important part of online shopping is having trust. Once broken, hard to heal.

So folks, what cost-saving and time-saving method have tried during the CNY festive season?

Please do share with us here~


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