Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mom, look at my teeth!

Hi folks!

Being on plant-based diet, many people would asked me how to I ensure we get enough protein intake? Contrary to what many people thought that plant-based diet do not have enough protein ...the reality today is many people these days have exceeded their daily intake of protein that causes a lot of negative effects on their health.

Plant-based sources of protein can be derived from many yummy sources like tofu, tempe, beans and grains.

And some people would asked if I give my kids any supplements? Yes, I do give my kids supplement like spirulina and natural sources from flaxseed oil, Udo oil and kombu for the Vitamin B12 and the omegas.

Here is a picture my son asked me to take after taking spirulina at night as it got stucked on his teeth 😄 I came to understand that spirulina is actually a very good source of calcium too thus I asked him to gargle his mouth to absorb all the goodness of it rather than brushing it away...

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