Sunday, January 21, 2018

His To Do List and Trucky

Hi folks!

I worked in IT line where we practice agile scrum at work. And ever since I heard about agile parenting, I tried to practice that at home with the kids. To have an agreed to do list themselves to accountable for; which is said to be able to reduce the need to monitor or nag them to complete their agreed tasks.

So each children have 5 tasks to check off per day.

So far it's working, for the youngest one, one of it is to brush his teeth daily.

Besides that we also practice our daily Aroma routine together.

He has his set of oils 😊 on his favourite toy truck and I place the eo near where we will most likely to see and so that we won't forgot our aroma routine.

Note: While it's good to make the essential oils easily viewable and reachable..(but of course not within reach of your children 👶 for safety reason unless they are old enough to know about dilution and safety measures when dealing with eo). I will bring out his trucky when we are settling down for bedtime story so we would apply the oils just before we read our books together.

Also, I put my hormone balancing oils in the same place I put my skincare routine so that I would remember to apply them right after my 3-step skincare daily to do list as I aged..

What about you? How do you organise your life at home/work? Do you have a TO-DO-list too?


Lakshmi said...

This to-do list is a wonderful idea! I would love to try that with my kids. Let me see how it works.

Molly Lim said...

Thank you for dropping by Lakshmi. Check out for agile parenting at Tedtalk to find out more how to implement agile parenting at home :) Stay in touch and welcome to Malaysia!