Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Had a go with BrainWave Scanner

Hi folks!

Last weekend I was attending the first ever YL APAC Convention at KLCC.

I managed to had a go with BrainWave Scanner..now I understand why some friends shared with me that lavender oil commonly known as an essential which helps in getting a good night sleep...does the opposite for them...as each individual have different reactions towards the essential oils...for some lavender can be Clarity and Refreshing for them thus it's not suitable to diffuse at night when they are retiring to bed...

And..my Brain Age(early in the morning without breakfast and my usual Ningxia Red was 20! One of my friend who took Ningxia Red before the test got 10 and another one test it at the end of the day, her real age was 20+ but her Brain Age was 70..too tired I supposed after a long day of talk..).

It was fun trying out the BrainWave scanner.
We find out interesting facts about our body and brain 🧠 towards eo. Do you wish to give it a go at the test too? PM me if you are keen to try out 😉

Have a lovely day!


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