Monday, March 5, 2018

Getting our hands dirty

Hi folks!

Time passes quickly and it's now Mar and Chinese New Year is now over....

Time to work on the resolutions or aspirations we have make and wished to commit to this year whether it's regarding our health, personal development or relationship.

One thing we need to do to realise our dreams is to "get our hands dirty", be hands-on and reach within and reach out for the teachers around us and try to implement any good ideas or inspiration we have gotten. 

One of my goal this year is to brush up my cooking skills as well as financial planning too besides my yearly goal to stay healthy. Being fit and healthy are the two pre-cursor to achieve any other goal that you wanted to reach. 

I am not the financial-savvy ones to begin with though saving and being thrifty are two virtues implanted in me since young. If you are also interested to brush up some financial side, recently I found an ebook written by a local Malaysians writer which you might find some practical tips to implement and best of all it's FOC:

Just read with an open mind but also have your own judgement against what your goals and value is. 

Have an abundance year folks!


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