Monday, March 12, 2018

Bad Hair Day no more

Hi folks!

Do you wish to have a bad hair day or do you have troubles in manning your crowning glory?

Many mommies would love to have a daughter where they could groom and tie their hair with fancy hairstyles....unfortunately not me.

Don't get me wrong, i love having a daughter whom i can talk to, go shopping with and fall in love with...

But, being a ballet dancer where they need to let their hair long and VERY tidy (especially during exams and competition) which makes tying and taking care of their hair (where they are used to highly tidy hair) a pretty challenging task for me.

Finding a good and non-chemical hair shampoo and hair oil which helps to manage hair is SO SO IMPORTANT to me!

Ever since i bought her the Kidscent Hair Shampoo, her hair is so much more manageable and tangle-free...I am a *happy mom* finally.

She also loves using my Copaiba vanilla shampoo.

YL Malaysia is launching a new product in Mar 12, 2018 called the MIRAH HAIR OIL where we get to test during the last APAC convention and many people were raving about it!! This NEW product is only launching in Malaysia and NOT anywhere else I AM gonna get hold of this for my daughter for sure!

Just look at some of the comments i hear about this hair oil:

"Yes !!! On badly chemical hair this is Magic Oil"

"I tried it and my Curls stayed for 2 days straight even after shampoo. Definitely a MUST-GET!"

"I tried it the day before and even after shampoo, my hair is still so soft and smells awesome!"

Now, are you equally excited to get a bottle to try for yourself? Leave me a comment to find our how to get it at wholesale price before it goes out of stock to avoid disappointment!

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