Sunday, March 11, 2018

Tips for House Cleaning

Hi folks!

One of the way we could easily transform our house into a chemical free home and make our house cleaning chore a much look-forward activity is to create and have these handy and chemical free DIY sprays and cleaner at easily reachable places. Put a spray bottle at the kitchen top/drawer, toilet, mud room, shoe rack, bedrooms, study room, etc. That makes spraying and cleaning an easy things to do anytime!

One of my best investment for cleaning products is this Thieves Household Cleaner. It has Thieves essential blend in it and it's very thick that you can dilute it many times thus one bottle of diluted cleaner would only cost you RM2.60-RM3! Imagine how much cost you would save and also how much chemical bottles you could swap and ditch from your home.

I use it for practically every cleaning in my house:
  • mopping the floor
  • wiping the door knobs (especially important if you wish to prevent spreading of germs around the house!)
  • washing the bedsheets, curtains, floor mat, bags, etc
  • spray on the non-washable mattress before putting it out under the sun
  • spray on my son's car seat, wipe it and let it sun-dry
  • wash the hand towel, kitchen towels, kitchen cloth, table cloth, you name it...REGULARLY! 
  • spray on the bathroom tiles and leave it on for few minutes before i go scrubbing and it will be so much more easier to clean and smell so awesome too! 
  • A WHOLE lots more about this versatile cleaner!

Now, i have a confession to make, due to my ignorance of its negative effects, i've used bleach for my cleaning (especially when there's anyone who's sick at home) after i saw my confinement lady uses it throughout my 28 days of confinement. She said that's what the hospital is using and it's important to keep the place sanitized and clean to avoid germs spreading to my young baby and me who is on recovery from wound.

Lo and behold, it is a very bad action to take as it is very damaging for our respiratory system. And who wants to live in a hospital "smell" home. Bummer! I don't even like cleaning with bleach-y smell and had to wear a mask while doing the cleaning!

So now i have swapped all the chemical cleaning agents in my house and simply use this bottle- my all-purpose cleaner. When are you going to do that? Many of us are the gate-keeper for the health and wellness of our family. Take the right action as a little goes a long way. Everyday what we are exposed to is what is affecting our life daily. Whether it is cleaning, habits or anything else in the matter! So accumulate health and wellness and not chemicals and toxins for goodness sake!

Leave me a comment if you like to know where to get this awesome non-chemical Thieves Dish Soap from Young Living.

Or, you could also get a range of these cleaners (Thieves PSK) to swap with the chemical laden ones at home here:

Cheers and have an awesome day!

Love u all folks! Stay healthy and fun!

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