Monday, April 30, 2018

Gray matters

Hi folks!

I have been dyeing my hair with natural hair dye(trying to find the less chemical ones) for the past few years..from dyeing six months once, to four months once and now 3 months onwards I can see more white hair in sight ..a sign of aging?

Recently I am so excited to explore chemical free make-up range from Young Living called Savvy Mineral. Guess what, you can use their product called Multitasker or use anyone of their darker colour(if that’s your current hair color) eyeliner to blend and cover the gray hair..this is so exciting and useful for those you know...sudden moment that you just need to look more presentable / younger, yet has no time to dye your hair at home/saloon.

I am not sure about you but I am truly happy to discover this..

You can go to their office to try out their chemical free make-up range that is so versatile ..blusher can be used as eyeshadow, foundation can be used as concealer and you can even turned the powder foundation into liquid form(like your B.B. cream). So versatile!

You can also sign up as member here(Or u can sign up online here) and get the products at wholesale price!

Cheers and have a beautiful week folks!

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