Saturday, May 26, 2018

Making Inflammation Blend

Hi folks!

Ever since starting my Young Living journey, my old trusty eo pocket reference book cum my first essential oil sifu or Teacher has truly helped me many times.

This time round is for DH..

Last Mother's Day celebration, my DH knocked his toe hard on the cement by the side of the road when we are heading to a Vegetarian cafe(where we held our wedding banquet) to celebrate with my mom and grandma who came over to my house 🏡 

Not knowing how serious it has gotten...the injury got inflamed and here I am digging out my trusty eo pocket reference book and trying to make an inflammation blend for him...thank goodness I have most of the oils stated ❤️ and they smell really awesome and feels soothing. I have mix the blend in a roll-on bottle for him..hopefully it will fasten his recovery (and yep he has seen a doctor to get it cleaned first ❤️ after this picture was taken).

If you wish to try out these pure helper in a bottle feel free to reach out to me, I would love to help you to get them at member cost.

Or actually you can actually get them easily at wholesale price yourself online here ❤️

Cheers to a less frantic and healthier lifestyle!

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