Friday, December 28, 2007

Third Day without KY

Before I go on about Third Day without Ky....i must say yesterday while taking shower I had a shock of my life...I actually overheard Ky's coice singing her favourite song Rasa Sayang...and calling me mommie.....I had even hear the sound of the door I thought perhaps my husband finished work early and brought her back..but's only I went out and took a close signs of them...I must be missing her too much!

Later seems that my husband really did come home early that night and actually went to pick her up at nanny's place but she has went out "kai kai" with the a nearby auntie's place which my husband do not know he came back n tried to wake me up and ask me if I know the direction.....but I was like usual..zombie-like sleepy..and as always thought he came back after midnite..did not really answer his call and went back to sleep.....

Then when I finally woke up at 12.32am...I was surprised when he told me that he actually managed to come home early but failed to pick up Ky! I regretted so much for not waking up the moment he calls much so of getting used to his late night home and countless disappointment of his promise "ok...will come back asap...which often ended up after 11.30pm" So I thought maybe this time round...perhaps he won't be back so soon after all....BUT I WAS WRONG!! TOTALLY WRONG!!!!!

This teaches me a GOOD lesson! Never "pretend" to be sound asleep or whatsoever...face the real situation no matter how cruel the fact is....otherwise u might just missed the opportunities....

Now I have to suffer whol night for my wrong decision to stay sleeping....Oh how I miss my dotter....Tonight We MUST bring her back! Please let me feel well enough to take care of her tonight....

Please leave me alone tonight HG... I want to be with my dotter.

I am sure I can do it! Gambatei!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Second Day without KY

Tonight marks the second day Ky sleepover at nanny's place. As I have not recovered yet from HG even though I have past my first trimester(I should be in Week 13-14 now), I am still unable to take care of her at night while my husband away at work.

Tonight at 12.34am, I received a sms from my husband saying that he misses Ky, a little bit surprising for me as initially he was the one at early beginning who did not hesitate of suggesting putting Ky for night care but I refused then since I was still breastfeeding Ky. That time he was losing sleep due to the night waking of Ky in her early months as infant.

So, hearing this from my husband that he misses her touches me. So, now I am wondering will he still suggests to put the second one with old nanny for night care near my parents-in-law place, which means we will only be able to see the baby once a week.(This makes me shudder at the thought of it)

I hope a better arrangement can be done before the arrival of the second one. I wouldn't want to put the baby for night care if possible. I hope Ky by then would sleep well thru the night and even help out as a big sister. But I should not have too high expectation on her as she would still be a toddler then by the time the second one arrives( she would barely reaching 2yrs old then). Let's just keep my finger crossed and pray for the BEST!

Now, I need to get back to work and make sure I complete my task at hand on time....I cannot let my bosses down for all their kind understanding of my situation as a HG sufferer.

Adious....wait for my better news to come! the coming of Year 2008!

Monday, December 24, 2007

May the X'mas brings the ending of the HG-hood

After a good rest last Fri. nite without my dotter around..I had a wonderful vomit-less Sat and just felt a bit nausea on Sun. but nonetheless the day managed to passed without a single vomits...I had two days with good appetite.

However today the vomitting seems to come back? Was it because it is a working day? Or just simply because I take things easy and overworked( I mopped the whole house after seems to be getting better..coz it is simply too dirty...more than one month I did not clean it), thus the vomitting returns? I am not sure..but certainly I am gonna take extra care rest well...

Tomorrow Christmas day is another busy time for us...heading for a housewarming party with some great friends...pray hard that it'll be another smooth-sailing day...

HG-hood is finally gone for good!'s Christmas Day! (Psst...Pray hard my husband don't have to work Overtime tonight and I get to have a good rest!)