Thursday, August 6, 2009

First shoes for Shone

Last few weekends, I bought a shoes I thought would fit Shone from Tesco(when he is barely learning how to walk) but failed...cannot fit..sigh..I blog about it here . As for Chinese, or at least my mom believe can only let baby wear a shoes after his 1 year old birthday. So since Shone had reached 1 year old then yet haven't really started walking, I still persisted in my shoes-hunting adventure~
Anyhow, it's never easy to buy a shoes for babies/toddler without their presence. Need the owner presence to test it out.
Finally last weekend I managed to find one for him..from Jusco, Anakku brand.
Actually, before this I was looking for those soft sole shoes like Shoos Shoos or Bugalog brand..but their biggest size(24months) does not seems to fits my son's large and chubby feet...and considering the price..he would outgrown him VERY VERY worth investing in my case otherwise I simply love the quality of their shoes!
Would soon be shopping for a sandal for him as he inherited my easily-sweaty feet!


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Josephine said...

the cute is too cute!!!
I like it. I think Shone like it too...