Monday, August 3, 2009

Swimming adventures

Last two weekends, after Sunway Lagoon trip was cancelled, in the afternoon around 4.45pm, we brought my two kids go swimming at our apartment after their nap.

KY is so excited as it's been sometime since we last took her to swim! Her first swim was when she was 5 months old. Then now and then when the weather is fine and when we happened to be at home, we would bring them to swim.

She is so excited and wanted to learn to swim(without her swimming ring) after watching another jie jie swimming in the pool. She spent like close to an hour in the pool.

It was Shone first swim(at 1 year-old) and I scooped Shone up after like 20 mins in the pool splashing water and went up my unit to shower. After both of us took our shower( and blow my hair even) we went down to pick up the jie jie(DH is with her).

However, KY still refused to come up from the pool, then i brought Shone for a walk at the pool side and fish pond for like 10-15 mins, girl refused to come out from the pool...DH said why not you go up and come down 30minutes later?

As it was rather hot, I wanted to go to the mini market to buy an ice-cream(my fav :P) but realised I forgot to bring any $. Then suddenly I thought why not I go up again to my unit, bring some $ down and buy me some ice-cream and try to TEMPT KY with it. Perhaps that would make her come out from the POOL!

So I went and practically shout and SHOW OFF my ice-cream at poolside :P ( I think I managed to TEMPT not only her but many kids at the kids pool :P..this mommy..must be losing her mind??)...anyway I didn't care...kept calling her..and LICK my ice-cream..Mango Tango(yep the new flavour from Walls..not bad..)

And works ;) she obediently leave the pool and came after me for ice-cream..hahah..

So folks, this is one of my tricks :P which succeeded.. it works !


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