Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things to Buy for Confinement Period

Hi All,

As you all who have read my blog lately, I am sort of like posting a series of confinement sharing which is basically recollecting some of the practices, information I can recall from my past two confinement experiences.

This is inspired by few friends of mine who have asked me about it(confinement practices) every now and then.
So I thought why not I blog about it and just refer them here instead of cracking my head ..haha since you know lar..this mommy(me) is getting old and memory seems to be seriously deteriorating ...soon these would be buried in memories and it would be hard to dig out those facts n figures wahaha LOL.

So guys, for those who have missed the last two entries related to confinement, you can check it here and here. Do check out some lovely comments/sharing by some lovely bloggger friends/reader as well...Now I learnt that for Malays they actually use quite a bit of black pepper in their confinement food cooking..hmm..interesting...my DH would love to eat such food..since he is a big fan of black pepper..haha...and btw..he put on a bit of weight during my confinement period as my confinement lady is such a lovely and considerate plus great cook who also cook for my family since mommy(me) is Off duty as chef then..haha...

It is interdependent as how I would prefer it to be...(cheh..sounds like book chapters now...LOL) Okat Okay better be serious! Haha anyhow confinement is really a time for us to repair, rebuild and reenergise isn't it women?

And for guys...don't just envy us for having two months maternity leave(well..that is applicable here in Malaysia..I heard in Sweden they have MUCH LONGER leave for maternity..so ready to migrate to Sweden?)....we do have a lot to deal with during that two busy months...right gals :P

By the way, [off-tracked] do you guys heard that Japan has a better paternity leave than us here in Malaysia too...oh.. =<

OK..for this entry, I would like to share about the list of item(extracted from my actual Things to Buy for Confinement Period):
  1. Herbs for Bath- For my first, I got the Amway Confinement Herb Bath, for my second one I just get it from the Chinese Medicine Shop as I found that I don't actually use ALL the items in the Amway set so a bit wasting...if I recalled it cost more than MYR300 for that set..but I love their baby oil! ;)
  2. Disposable Panties - sorry I may" sound very "un-green" BUT I wouldn't want someone else to wash my BLOOD-STAINTED underwear and since we are not encouraged to touch water(except hot)..so yes this is a must have item for me
  3. Herbs for Drinking - Red Dates, Dong Quai(Angelica sinensis), Black Dates, Tong sum (Dang Shen in Mandarin), Black Bean(this is not herb but is added along with those herbs for my daily drinking)
  4. Food - Stock up some of these dried noodles, vermicelli, dried mushroom, some vegetables for the family/kids, dried black fungus, 10kg of Bentong ginger, frozen beancurd patties(got it from local vegetarian and organic food supplier), dried kelps (this food is good for recovery from blood lost , very high in calcium), sesame oil(Chinese uses lotsa of this for confinement food), rice wine, all other seasonings like vinegar for the special dish called "chu kiok chou" (mine is vegetarian version hehe), salt, sugar etc you name it..as I wouldn't want to trouble DH to get all these small items during the confinement..so STOCK up i do..
Note: I would love to hear people who has experience in preparing and eating those frozen food recipes meant for confinement(or post-natal) as I have read a lot of it (especially for western ladies) but I have no idea how it can be practice over here...hmm..any concern, health-wise...and does it taste as good...any precaution to take? What are the BEST food items which can be prepared earlier way before delivery...This would be helpful for one of my Caucasian friend who will be delivering here in Malaysia(it's her fisrt pregnancy and she is a vegetarian too)

Love to hear from you all from all corners of life and world!


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KambingBujang said...

last time im bz preparing with bby things and almost forget about my confinement things.

for me, i just bought jamu and massage lady will come to massage me.. that all.

maybe for 2nd bby, i will prepare more on my things