Saturday, October 31, 2009

Energy and Nutritious Drink

Hey folks

I recently got a list of energy powder list from a friend who has been feeding her vegetarian kids with it...and they are growing strong and healthy.

I have got all the ingredients(in powder form) and been drinking them diligently for the past two days...seems very effective at keeping my energy level up despite two very late nights doing some additional work.

The items are(if i can recall all..else i got to get the list n post it up again later)
  • white sesame powder
  • black sesame powder
  • raw oats(powder form)
  • seaweed/kelp powder
  • soya lecithin
  • wheat germ
  • brewer yeast
  • brown sugar/fruit sugar
  • flaxseed (powder form)

Make it in lukewarm water. lDrink once a day.

I am letting my kids taking it now ;) Let's see how's their progress ;)

Note: The total amount I spent getting all the ingredients above is roughly bMYR60-70 (depends which organic shop I go to get the stuff. I estimate the items can last me(family of four) for one-two months depends how diligent we are taking it ;)

ATTENTION: Please although these are all organic and natural ingredients, but if you have any special health condition like allergy, please consult your physician before trying. I am sharing out of my own experience, it might not be the same for everyone. :)

For me I take more than once a day since I am still BF. See the picture is the stock I have in office :)


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