Friday, October 16, 2009

Shone Milestone at 15 months

Dear folks,

It's been quite sometime since I last update milestone for Shone. Last update at 12 months here.

Now, at 15 months, he is still being BF. Lucky boy that he still insist to be BF at night when we are both home.

KY stopped at 12 months due to teething and the fact that my milk supply dwindled so much as I was commuting far to a new workplace plus busy getting our new house ready.

These are the little write up on Shone at 15 months as much as this mommy's failing memory can recall.
  • Language - able to say words, xie xie(for thank you), nen-nen(milk), en-tie(for auntie), ern-cle(for uncle), che che(his first word), dah-dee(for daddy), mah-mee(for mommy), bao bao(high pitch for carry me,low pitch for bread), xie-zi(for shoes), kai-kai (for going out trip), ter(for water),erm....good(for yummy food incl. breastmilk),tau-liao-lor(means reach home/bbsitter's place oredi)
  • Games he likes playing - Hide n Seek - behind curtains,beside mommy's big bed, space in between the wall and cupboard, che che(KY's) tricycle, drawer box as his pretend car
  • Gadgets he took to his liking- daddy's laptop and keyboard+ mouse, daddy's handphone,TV remote control
  • Food intake - Drink 7oz milk twice daytime, thrice(amount unknown-direct BF) at night, have two meals of assortment of noodles, rice-with soup or porridge(adult food with less salt), tried ice-cream and currently his favourite, loves orange juice, grapes, papaya, avocado, no liking for guava, can eat non-stop like che che KY :P
  • Taken ubat cacing(worm medication at 15 months at govt. clinic), Weighted at 11.2kg slightly slow growth which partly due to recent attacks of diarrhea and vomitting
  • Had diarrhea and vomit attacks a week before the diarrhea attack, recovers within 2 days- Sentosa Medical Ped advice no milk till he finished two bottles of Gatorade(1 oz of water mix with 6oz of Gatorade)
  • Favourite songs- sing twinkle2 little start with star gestures ends with hands clapping and say hip hip hurray(with both hands high up), Incy Wincy Spider, any fast moving track which he would dance along
  • Hygiene: Started brushing his own teeth and frequent handwashing
  • Started learning to jump on the bed and loves chasing after her sister and daddy
That's all mommy can recall now...Shall update about KY in my next post...been neglecting her a bit....really...


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