Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Milestone updates- Shone at 12 months 3 weeks

Shone seems to walking almost around the same time as his older sister, KY or slightly later...

He is now busy practising his walking skills at every given opportunity- or rather every waking moments 
and every time we allow him roaming freely out of his playpen.

He would wake up almost 5am daily at the early days when he discovered he could walk with mommy on tow..watching his every steps..

And by now, he has developed:
-Two big molar(back bottom teeth)
- Recognised and can point or speak
  • star
  • dog
  • jie jie
  • mommie or mie
  • Dee for Daddy
  • nen nen
  • etc etc
- Can sing(in his baby language/sound) with action his favourite or rather mom's constant playlist
  • Twinkle-twinkle Little Star - his fingers can even make the star twinkling...just have to salute him..I doubt I do this at his age.
  • Incy Windy Spider - with hand moving up to represent Sun, and the little finger moving as in spider moving..cute
  • Happy Birthday Song - with hands-clapping, Shone first pick up clapping on his birthday celebration (wait for my picture updates on his little party
  • Finger song: Where is thumbkin, where is thumbkin" and "Lu-La-Le"
- Loves watching Mr. Bean, 100,000 Whys ("shi wan ge wei shen me" - my sis helped me to get it during her China's trip), Karaoke CD's sing along  with his sister, KY. 

I can see that Shone really loves singing, dancing and music...

Like KY, he dance before he can walk....

That's the update for now..I think pictures says it better..stay tune for some pictures update soon.


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