Sunday, October 11, 2009

Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 Update - Day 1

Hi folks,

Another update on the Women Entreprenuer Conference 2009 organised by Gorgeous Geek. I have shared about this event in Part 1 and Part 2.

For this part, I like to share about what we had on Day 1. As what I have shared in Part 2(you can see the exact agenda for the two-day conference we had!

We started off with the welcome keynote by the venue sponsor, Roslan Bakri Zakaria, Director, Technopreneur & Enterprise Development, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC).

I must say the venue (Technology Park Malaysia Auditorium) is really comfy and complete with wireless access...I can continue to get updates from my co-workers via IM+ from my Iphone and can check my e-mails or even check on my blogs from there!

Then we started off with a rather heavy yet concise talk on Blue Ocean Strategy: How to Create Uncontested Market Space and Make The Competition Irrelevant by Dr. Dominic Lau, Head of Applied Research Centre, UCSI - Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre.

Now,how many of you have read the book or even apply the strategy in your business practices? I personally have heard of the book from my sifu, JS but have yet to grab a copy of it. So having heard from the guy who directly report back to the author of the book is terrific.

Dr. Dominic opens up my thought about what Blue Ocean Strategy is...the gist is to capture the uncontested market. The example he gave which I can still remember now is for example we are selling mineral water, we don't target the current consumer by selling what the current consumer wanted but to look at the uncontested market that is consumer who has not drawn into buying/consuming mineral water. THat is the BLUE OCEAN market in contrast to the traditional RED OCEAN strategy.

Next is the high-spirited CEO Forum talking about Risks & Rewards - The Journey to Entrepreneurship by very energetic and high-spirited panelist below: (btw,these panelist are all dedicated mothers too!)

Dolly Kee, Director, Image Power

Laletha Nithiyanandan, VP (APAC), Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting

Datin Rose Ismail, Managing Director, Salt Media Consultacy

Dato' Susie Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Uptrend Network


Shafizan Johari, Anchor/Business Reporter, Astro Awani

I think the most striking panelist we call recalled is Datin Susie Yeoh(many audience went up to get her namecard and took pictures with her at the end of the forum!!). She has involved in many MLM before setting up her own business.

Then we had Leverage on Social Web Media for Business by Oon Yeoh, New

Lastly, the day ends with another forum on Journey for Financial Support & Grant for Business Part 1 by several body/organisation that provide grants/loan for SME(including goverment body).

Amiruddin Azahar, Malaysia Venture Capital Management (MAVCAP)

Norhazamimah Hashim, Senior Executive, Technopreneur & Enterprise Development, Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC)


Moderator: Michael Reyes, Chief Executive Officer, MoneyTree Asia Pacific

[Sorry not much post-worthy pictures to share as I didn't bring along any digital camera and mine hp pictures are too small to see these lovely panelist! *shy* hopefully I can buy/win a digital camera soon :P better still a HDVideoCam :D]

And quite a number of women entrepreneur in the audience stood up to share their experience/queries in applying grants/loan.

Phew..quite a long posting isn't it..hope I don't bored you...anyway stay tuned for Day 2 of my quite excited about Day 2 after I read the schedule before the event as the founder of Nuffnang, Mr.Timothy Tiah would be attending as well! [I managed to snap a picture with him for rememberance and young yet so true with good brains!]

So stay tuned for my Day 2 sharing ok...

Have a nice day!


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