Friday, March 6, 2009

The amazing effect of Organic and Wholesome food

The amazing effect of Organic and Wholesome food


I can't help but to share with everyone my own testimony on the amazing effect of Organic and Wholesome food.....


Many people had asked me how I ate or in another words how is my pregnancy's diet like when they heard /seen my baby boy who weighs at 4.24kg at birth.


To be honest, I hardly eat any special food or supplements before and during pregnancy as I did not expect and was not preparing to have another baby at that point of time(yup, it wasn't planned but a good "accident" allrite :) .. )

And being a mom to a one year plus baby(KY), moving to our new house(we stayed with our parents before this), changed a new job...I was as busy as I can be!


One difference it can be was I was on organic diet(not on purpose, but it was a good thing afterall) 1-3 months before I conceived as the organic shop is right beside my office, and being the nearest eating place to my office, so for convenience and not to mentioned the lovely food and lady boss, I took my lunch almost daily and sometimes even dinner. And I bought my organic vege from there as well to cook for my family.


Even when I am meeting outside at client place, it just happened that the nearest available vegetarian food was an organic shop and my client happened to frequent that place(while she was pregnant and breastfeeding soon after then). So well, I can only say it was a right time, right place, right people kinda coincidence?


And now, when I am still breastfeeding my son, I can really feel that eating an organic meal can even help to increase my milk supply and even keep flu at bay! Whenever I feel sluggish or unwell, after taking organic meal, I just feel so much refreshed and energetic back again!


And another important difference I noticed is my son right after birth do not need to be breastfed every one hour like KY or many other babies do. KY in fact is not a small baby too..just slightly lighter than her brother at 3.67(8 pound 3 oz).

So this really makes me more convince about taking organic food and wholesome food which seems fare better than taking expensive supplements.


Not to say that organic food is cheap but it worth the money and seems to have no side-effects and also seems to have faster effect than taking pills and etc.


So mothers/mothers-to-be or anyone preparing to conceive or even anyone who are willing to take a have an organic meal(vegetarian one pls. not with organic chicken!) TODAY!


And you'll definitely see a difference!


(Note: But pls. also bear in mind that for larger eating folks, which mostly guys(some girls included like myself hehe), taking organic meal(which can be digested easily) can make you gets hungry faster! So either order a larger portion or have a handy and healthy snack few hours later! I actually have a male colleague who joined me once for organic lunch and he actually told me that he felt hungry when he was paying for his meal. WOW! :P, but hopefully this doesn't put you off from taking organic and wholesome food!)


Best of Health and Thanks to Mother Nature!

International Women's Day

International Women's Day

March 08, 2009

 This day is a day to be grateful of women from the past, present and future which fights for a better rights, opportunities and social awareness s of the struggles of women.

I am especially grateful myself when we think of being a Malaysian women in this era, in least we get equal(or near equal) opportunities in almost all areas. 

When I came across an article which says that in a certain country(I cannot locate the article apologise that I couldn't specify the exact country) which the legistration is yet to allow woman to drive on the road! Can't imagine there's still such legistration at this time that forbids woman to drive. I hope more equality and of course with equal sense of responsibility, gratitude and commitment we should have being granted the equal rights. 

So today Women folks, let us be thankful for what is being granted and at the same time continue to show what we are made of while praying that more women will be able to enjoy a better opportunity and life ! Celebrate and give a pat to ourselves! Cheers!

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bitten By Blur Bug(BBBB)

Bitten By Blur Bug...Buzz buss Bizz Buzss...eiks

Yesterday was such a motherhood making me more blur or was it lack of sleep?

I think the only time I get my sufficient zzzzzzz is when I was pregnant with my first one....ever since schooling time, young working late hours time...and not to forget pregnant with second these times am losing my precious beauty sleep...haha...

Yesterday morning, I accidentally dropped my office key in my car ( and wasted precious minutes hunting for it)...then in the afternoon when I was about to go for my "pumping" (I am working full-time breastfeeding n pumping mom) session...eiks...where is my trusted buddy pump....(frantically looking high and low for it) . As time is running out(my 1 hr lunch time) , I resorted to rush back home to try my luck......(luckily  my house is 10mins away from office)..However the episodes continues...when I reach my apartment...I actually cannot locate my access card to enter my had to run down 3 floors(from my car park) to get the assistance of the security guard....oh my... oh my....

Who knows the pump IS NOT AT HOME! Then I suddenly have a feeling that the pump is in my office after all...but where have I put it? So quickly I made another dash back to office and found the pump sitting on my chair...what a Drama!!!

So has the story comes to an end? evening I am drop dead tired...and told my DH that I need to zzzz and got him to help "eyeing" our active KY while I zz for 15 mins...but my 15 mins becomes 1hr DH supposed to go back to office to settle some work...but had to cancelled it as he can't wake me up from my slumber.....

When I finally wake up around 10.30pm(more like being "frightened" up..dunno how to those early morning rush when you suddenly had a feeling that YOU ARE LATE FOR WORK/SCHOOL kinda feeling).....feeling rather bubbly KY told me happily that she just came back from a tour to Daddy's daddy is closing the office...

Hmmm...what a blur day...let me back to settle up my thoughts and work and hopefully come back fully fresher after a longer weekend break this week(This Monday going to be another day off -public holiday..yippeee......) It's zzzzzz time for me...finally...clearing my sleep debt.

Note: U might wonder why i upload that picture with this posting...hehe..coz it makes me wanna hug the two huggable n zzzzzzzzzz....hahaha

Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a note on Domino Pizza Delivery Service

Yesterday, heavy downpour and with empty fridge and not to mentioned active kids around and tired wife I am...when my hubby suggested ordering Domino for dinner...I said ok! For once..haha...he's been suggesting during lunch hour and I said hmm...why not i cook some noodle soup...

Then my brother-in-law asked, " Do you think they have delivery when it is raining so heavily?" while my hubby went online to check their hotline..

So anyway we just went ahead to make the call with me adding before hanging up, " Do you guys still send within 30mins if it's raining heavily now? ...which the operator would be in 30mins -40mins if not we'll send over a free pizza voucher(which is not what I am interested...more interested that they ensure the pizza is delivered to us..hehe..)

Anyhow, to make the story short...I am impressed by their service with the pizza delivery man arrived with the hot piping Vegie Galore pizza(without onion as requested)....within 30mins allright!

That is what we call good service ;)!  On time as promised and accurate!

THat makes me reflect on myself " Do I give such good and profesional service in my daily task as employee, a a mom? Or even as a Friend?" That people know I can be count on?

Good points to ponder and work on!

Cheers Mommie!