Friday, March 20, 2009

Exercise Opportunity

Recently my office just shifted to the highest floor..which means I have 6 flight of staircase to climb(need to count it again...was it 6? panting and focusing on my steps forgot to count)...

What a good chance to exercise rite? 

I have been planning to resume my jogging and exercise that my dotter is older...i can get her to join me ;)

My nike shoes (which comes with i-pod that can record my running performance)..still not fully-utilise....(it was a gift from a contest I won 2 yrs back i think...after resting away...while I am pregnant with my second one...haha)

It's now time to do some good exercise..same goes for my DH, which i think the only exercise he ever does is swimming and badminton ;)

Stay tune for my coverage on my successfull(hopefully) back to my jogging regime and exercise! I come..u'll the first one i'll use to build back my stamina :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Working and kids away from us?

Reading about an article in The Star Online , on their new Parenting site, Parenthots, “Living apart from the children", I cannot help to think about my own experience on it…


I am also still paying for some of my family expenses even after I got married so I can understand a bit on Anna’s situation. It can be difficult even before this “trying” economy. When I was about to have my second child, my DH and I were also discussing on how we would arrange for childcare support as we still cannot manage with single income (with me still supporting my own family and my hubby still paying for car and house loan with most part of his income) so looking after the kids myself is out of question.


With my dotter still pretty young, 1 yr plus, I wonder if they will be fine with the same babysitter (besides finance issue). Then when my DH suggested leaving my  second child (opps…I mean our second child, but at that time it sure feels like mine and not his…coz how could he suggested that option I was thinking like that then….but now I knew why…not that he is willing but that would be the last feasible option) with his mom, I SAID “NO!!!!!” How would I able to carry on breastfeeding him then??? And no(in my heart I am just not willing to be apart with my child….not even if my in-law is about 40mins away minus traffic jam). The mere fact that I can only view my son once a week makes my heart break!


So ended up my dad came to help me out(staying with me) for the first few months while my dotter takes her time to adjust her role being a sister and having a new baby at home or with her. While I give my dad allowance as how I would have given to the babysitter (so that I got used to having the extra new expenses and would be able to readjust the new financial flow as well). But wow…it was not easy…even till now….or should I say even worse off…with prices of commodities increased.


After my dad moved back and stopped taking care of my son….( it is tiring to take care of baby what to mention for a guy!)…as initially I have asked him to help for the first 6mths (my son is 9mths now), I am now readjusting my life, finances yet again….but no I hope I don’t have to resort sending my kids away….


Hopefully my family financial condition will improve and everyone is able to be self-sufficient…or I can get some extra income.


But thanks to God anyhow…at this testing time, time to be prudent, diligent and not to be wasteful. May each and everyone of us able to tide thru this difficult time and make do (or rather enjoy) the simple things in life!


Carpe Diem!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A place for ALL mom bloggers -MomBloggersPlanet

Dear Mommies,

Recently, I got to know a great site from (eMenang blog) for mom bloggers like us called MomBloggersPlanet. It has a lot of useful information for moms and bloggers alike…for simple questions we have in mind like Blog with Wordpress - Change Theme/Layout and even Breastfeeding Talk(hehe..can’t help noticing and sharing good site on Breastfeeding again for me ) ;)

Besides, it also has a BlogDirectory that consist of blogs owned by mom bloggers like us. You can join them by registering your blogs with them. They provide simple steps to follow ;)

And most importantly, recently they have organized a contest(which offers some attractive prizes! ) for all mombloggers at :

The prize which caught my eyes is the Osim Uvibe Massage (perfect for moms/dads alike) to rejuvenates our achy muscles and be up and going again for our kids who definitely seems to have more energy than us at all times..haha!

So dear folks…head over to MomBloggersPlanet  now and join their blog, contest, their directory and their folks from all over places in Malaysia and soon other places like Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia!

Happy Planet for All MomBloggers! Hee..hee...

Anyone hit by travelling bug? Me!!!

Hearing the crowds at MATTA Fair recently...can't help but hoping this is a good indication that our economy is still good…..; ) at least good enough for folks like us to travel...budget travel, short trip...whatever it is! It is definitely good to travel with……… good planning!

Recently I come upon a useful site for travel bug-bitten folk like me – 

I am smitten by this site - because I find it easy to navigate, fast (very important for busy moms like us!), comprehensive (with a huge list of hotels) and informative (with reviews, price, various query selection (e.g.: search by Price, Location, Ratings, Hotel Feature etc) which we can quickly opt to select and zoom to our required hotel budget and criteria we need.

Easy to navigate. Just click Compare after making your date and location option.

This is a very useful and good site not to be missed for travelers and travel fanatics like me! So what are you waiting for? Fly to now and check it out yourself!