Saturday, April 18, 2009

Heinz ABC Pasta Meal

Last weekend I was trying out a special recipe of Heinz ABC Pasta bought @ Carrefour(see pic below) plus the soup made from organic beet root.



And I have an assistant cum tester for the day:




I cooked the pasta in the beet root soup I have simmered for more than 1 hr. 

Other ingredients added are:

Baby kelps

Spinach (popeye vege)

Abalone mushroom


All chopped finely.


Another tester would be my 9mth old son….blended of course….

So how’s the outcome?




Enjoying the pasta at first bite J




I guess the beet root doesn’t suit her taste (she has acquired her taste for yummy tasty tongue-enhancing flavour from her dad)


Then she opt to drink her 100 plus (yup one of her favourite after yakult, vitagen, milo…etc) to flush down the taste of the beet root I guess.


Then she preferred her other food as her lunch for the day (instead of the pasta) which is….curry cracker(see left)

Which I felt rather bad…coz the fact of trying to make a healthy meal for her with organic beet root as soup base.


So I tried to tempt her to eat this along…Adventist 7-Grains Sprouted Bread(see their site herebread I bougth from the organic shop and spreaded with kaya spread from her grandma.

 Yeah…she likes it…at least something filling and nutritious other than that CURRY flavour cracker (which I bought for her dad).


Kids…oh kids…it really does takes two (me n her dad) to tango and build a foundation of healthier taste bud for them rite…



Friday, April 17, 2009

Opps…experimenting image upload from Photobucket

Hi folks..sorry if you found a blog entry with a large big image of a baby boy…I was playing around with Photobucket, a site which provides free image hosting, free photos sharing and video sharing. It also enable its member to upload image/files from Photobucket to networking sites like Blogger(which I tried :P), Facebook, Twitter and etc. What I did not realize is that it would actually published automatically and not into draft. I have been trying to test few tools lately, another one is to upload image I took with my phone and e-mailed it to my blog (which was saved into draft).

So well, just one of those accidents happened while doing my experiments on blogging tools! By the way I have deleted that blog entry…

My apology ya.. :P hehe..stay tune for more updates on my latest adventures and experiments!


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Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to get rid of cockcroach?

How many of us faced cockcroach attacks? I know we are to be blame partly due to the fact that we let the kids eat in the car. How else would they sit still and not making a fuss throughout the journey?

I have tried putting pandan leaves in the car and it seems to work but to see the baby cockcroaches coming back again shows that they must have been nesting and egss are hidden somewhere!

Really at loss! It's so unhygienic to see even imagine(not to mention seeing) cockcroaches crawling on your child's car seat!

I am wondering should I or is there any safe anti-crockcroaches medicine I can use? 

Anyone out there have any good ideas? Hear from you folks! 

Thanks and cheers for the day!

The Benefits of having a 3 Years Gap..

There are many parents who would wait till their child is 2 years old before planning to have a second one. Me too..but hehe..God has a better plan…I had mine arriving when the jie jie is almost 2 years old.


Lately while talking to some of my peers, we were discussing about what is the IDEAL gap year before having another child. Both my friend(who like myself had a second one before our first child turns two) and myself inevitably agreed totally to the 3 Year Gap.


Why? There are some obvious benefits whether is emotionally, physically as well as FINANCIALLY:

  1. By the time your first child is 3 years old , he/she would be toilet-train so you won’t end up paying for two batch of diapers (unless you are using cloth diapers) like me
  2. By the time the first hits 3, slowly he/she would be switching to growing up milk and would be taking less often, thus you save a bit on monthly spending on milk powder(and of course if you decided to breastfeed your child, this can again offset a lot more on your monthly baby milk powder expenditure)
  3. Seems that 3-4 years old, the child earn to be a big brother/sister, thus less sibling rivalry, and the elder one can be trusted to keep an eye on the younger one which relieve a lot on you
  4. I guess for those who opt to send their kids to childcare centre/ babysitter, they can save up a bit more on childcare services as baby cost a lot more for most babysitters.
  5. From 1-3 years is the golden years you won’t want to miss each point of emotional and physical development  of your child, thus by having your second one later….you have more time and energy (it’s not so when you are heavily pregnant with a demanding two years old!) to guide them.
  6. For mothers who had c-section, their body will have chance and time to recover fully, thus the chances of having VBAC(vaginal birth after c-section) is higher.
  7. For mothers who planned to breastfeed their child to 2 years old, this would be another reason to plan for second one after two years, well of course there are moms who can handle tandem nursing, BUT, for working and pumping mom, this is a real challenge to be able to have enough supply for both child and her own health too.
  8. What else..i think there are more..perhaps moms with more than one kid out there would like to give their views?


All comments are welcome!


By the way, these are just my own views…for those who have one coming (and your older child has not turned 2), don’t worry….like my case…I always believe, God will not send you a mission which you couldn’t handle!- I think there is a better quote ..I can’t recall the exact phrase but the meaning is there! So fret not…we can and we will survive with more than one child! Mom have amazing hidden POWER!


Cheers to all moms!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

PLR - A Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient Solution for Building Your Parent-Targeted Mailing List

By now probably some of you have heard of PLR or embark on some kind of affliates or online marketing tools in online business. PLR stands for "private label rights" and refers to ready-made content that you can purchase, edit and brand for your business. It may come in the form of articles, reports, ebooks or even pre-made sales pages, opt-in (or squeeze) pages, graphics, audio recordings and even video.
There are plenty of uses for PLR from adding content to your website to creating products for sale, but have you considered what an effective tool PLR can be for building your mailing list?
How to Build Your List with PLR
- Brand and publish a PLR report as an ethical bribe for signing up for your list. Your visitor signs up for your list and you give them instant access to a valuable report that helps parents become more informed or solve a problem. Make sure you include mention of the free report with all your sign up boxes.
- If the PLR reports include ecovers, use them to make them more attractive and tangible to your potential subscriber. It also draws the eye into your subscription box when it's on a page with other content. Parents are busy people, make it easy for them to find your great offer.
- Use PLR opt-in or squeeze page templates to simplify the list-building process. Many PLR providers sell ready-made templates that streamline the process of collecting email addresses. Simply modify the text, insert your autoresponder code and load up the html pages. Promote your opt-in pages in your article bylines, YouTube videos and wherever you publish content. 
- Use PLR banners to promote your report giveaway. Put them on your blog, invite your affiliates to use them and swap or purchase ad space to get the word out there. Find out where your target parent market hangs out and be seen.
- Use topic-relevant PLR articles and other content to drive traffic to your opt-in page. Include a recommendation for your mailing list as a place to get further information.
- Don't stop there. You don't just have to make one freebie offer to build your list. Publish other opt-in pages with offers that will attract more parents in your targeted audience. The nice thing about PLR is that it's cost-effective and time-efficient to test out a variety of free offers to build your list.
Key Tip - Make the PLR Your Own
Private label rights means you have the opportunity to make customize the content so it suits your message and your target audience. Although the terms of service with PLR providers varies, in most cases you can do things like add logo, insert case studies, comments from customers, add your own opinions and more. 
Parents who subscribe to your mailing list want to get a feel for WHO you are before they buy from you, so taking the time to make PLR uniquely yours can go a long way. That doesn't mean you need to rewrite it from scratch, but insert elements that will give your readers more insight into your company and what you stand for.
A Free PLR Package to Help You Build Your Parenting Mailing List
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- promotional graphics
For those of you who are interested to learn more/ to get started. Click here to get yours.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Passengers Caption Contest

Hmm..what is beautiful Anne doing in male restroom? Was that a therapist's job? 

This was one of the picture in the movie "Passenger" starring beautiful Anne Hathaway (Princess DiariesBecoming Jane) one of my favourite starlet :) ...this picture really does look like you know using a male restroom :P Pardon me if you just had your lunch ..

This is a blog for a moviecontest @AMBP. Check out more about the contest for this movie here.