Thursday, August 12, 2010

WORLD Breastfeeding Week,August 1 to August 7

Hi folks!
I know I am a bit late here. Do you know WORLD Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is celebrated every August 1 to August 7 since year 1991?
And I am delighted to find there are a lot of articles on Breastfeeding lately.
In TheStar Online here, it talks about breastmilk as the Baby Best Food.
Here's the extract of what shared by my kids' Paediatrician, Dr Koe Swee Lee, who is also a Lactation Consultant.
Paediatrician Dr Koe Swee Lee explains, "Young girls (those days) grew up seeing their mothers, aunties, and neighbours breastfeed, but nowadays, a lot of young women grow up without seeing their mothers breastfeed."
Dr Koe Swee Lee (picture above) tries to make it as simple and natural as possible when she teaches new mothers how to breastfeed. In this picture(above from TheStar Online), she demonstrates the correct way to hold a baby while breastfeeding.
Today, the difference is if women don't learn from their mothers the skills to nurse, they can now learn them from their own reading, lactation consultants, or even some nurses.
Dr Koe tries to make it as simple and natural as possible when she teaches new mothers how to breastfeed. "If a mother wants to breastfeed, she needs to remember only three things: feed early, feed frequently, and feed properly," she says.
And while I am writing this, my younger sister will be delivering her child now(via c-section). I hope she will also experience an enjoyable breastfeeding journey with her child just like I did. (Yep, my  2 yr + son is still on breastmilk at night.I have reach my own mild Go for Gold attempt! Yey...and now waiting to weaned him naturally....)
CHeers to Breastfeeding mom and dad(yep, dad play an important role too!).


teatea8 said...

Hi.. you really an amazing mom! am also breast feeding my lil who is 1 year old. can you share with me how do you maintain your supply now? do you still EBM for storage?

AlohaMolly said...

Hi teatea8,

I think my son helps me to maintain the supply plus my conscious effort to eat nutritiously, rest enough and regularly pumping at work.
No I don have extra ebm, most ebm are used immediately the next day ;)

I think u ar doing a good job! Just keep feeding, eating & resting well .. And ya pump regularly if u ar working ... Nature works it's best by regularating supply & demAnd ;)