Saturday, February 27, 2010

Freebies and Free Bucks

 Hi folks!
Do you know there are some freebies and free bucks (sort of) out there which you can enjoy in Malaysia?
Here are some of them:

1) Free Movie Register yourself as member for free at GSC cinema, at the month of your birthday; you get to watch a movie (asterisk list) for free
2) Free samples
3) Free job hunting site
b. JobsDB
Free Bucks
1) Survey Companies
If you are one who loves to give your comments and like to contribute to better product service and development, then you might want to check out these survey sites. You can earn points and exchange for vouchers. I have exchanged several Giant and Petronas vouchers myself and also participate in one of their more formal face to face survey whereby I got paid MYR150. Not bad for some extra cash while contributing your honest views and improvement of products design and etc.
2) Nuffnang
If you are a blogger or own a blog, why not sign up with Nuffnang(a cool and budding Blog Advertising company) and put up their ad on your blog to generate some side income. Check them out!
Free Fun Places to go
1) Open Playground /Parks
2) Libraries/ Bookstores which holds Story telling sessions like MPH
3) Waterfalls (check out the list of waterfalls in Malaysia here)
4) Culture and Education like:
a. The Japan Foundation – is has cultural activities and movies FOC at at nominal fee from time to time.
b. British Council – it has a lot of talks and activities
c. Events in Malaysia – ranges from Pasar Malam to exhibition. Check out their list on their site!
I am sure there are more of these freebies fun that you parents/readers knew out there!
Let us share the fun here!
Please leave your comments and input! Thanks in advance!

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Happy reading and sharing!

Friday, February 26, 2010

KY antics



Mr. Bean-like expression(she is a Mr.Bean fan!)

Roaring like TIGER (it's Tiger year mah... :D)

Just some pictures of KY showing her antics. Love her cheekiness like
DH.... Especially precious when kids ar cheeky n having fun..

It's definitely much better than being sick & let's enjoy our kids' playful
nature :) 


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Breastfeeding Campaign- Session with Wardina @ Ampang

Check this out if you are interested to meet Wardina in person and at the same time learn more about breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding campaign on this Saturday, details as below:

Date: 27 Feb, Saturday
Time: 8am to 3pm
Venue: Anjung Bestari AU3, No.1, Jalan 13/56, Ampang Hulu Kelang

There will be a few talks/demos and dialog sessions with Wardina Safiyyah and Mirwana.

Fabulous Mom and a few others will be setting up a booth there too.  All items will be at 15% off. :-)

For more details, visit their Facebook page at:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yummy treat @ Loving Hut

Hi folks,

Couple-hood time munching away @ Vegan rest-Loving Hut
DH order his fav. Nasi Lemak & pumpkin soup. I had Terriyaki

Monday, February 22, 2010

Steps in Overcoming Fear

Hi folks,
How do you overcome your Fear in life? Here are some of the ways I learnt and done. Hope to hear from all folks who have triumphed over their fear! Thanks!

1.       Acknowledge the fear

2.       Strategize how to overcome it depending on the type of fear

a.       Just do it

b.      Start from small chunks

c.       Get your allies

3.       Replay the scene where you have successfully triumph your fear. Reply the feeling of Victory and Joy. Tell yourself "You Can Do It"

4.       Analyze the worse it can turn out to be…answer the What-If questions, if no big deal…then ask yourself…"Why not?"

5.       If you failed, make sure lessons are learnt and give a pat on the shoulder! At least you have tried! Don't wallop yourself up..then do whatever you are lacking to win the race now that you have ran it before, you have won the half battle!

Cheers to a new Courageous & Fulfilling Year. A Year full of adventures, tears and laughters!


Cheers to a fully PRESENT and LIVING year!



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring-cleaning with Kids

Hi folks!

For Chinese, it is a custom for us to do spring-cleaning before CNY.

I only have one day to do it. And my two kids wants to help out. Being
a health-freak mom i am, i made them wear the kid's mask like me :P to
avoid inhaling too much dust.