Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Star Kids Fair 2010, 27th - 28th Nov 2010

From toddlers to kids aged 13 years old, parents to grandparents and families, there is something for everyone at The Star Kids Fair 2010. While mum and dad view the latest in education, services and others, the young ones can enjoy the latest in hobbies, games, toys and other attractions! Only the best for our kids, this is one exhibition, you do not want to miss this year-end holiday season.
Venue : Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Dates : 27th - 28th Nov 2010 (Sat & Sun)
Time : 11am - 7pm

Friday, July 16, 2010

World Cup Songs: Akon vs. K'naan

Hi folks!

Aren't we all surrounded by World Cup songs everywhere during the
World Cup fever? Do you miss the high-spirited songs now?

Besides the famous Waka-waka sang by Shakira, there are this song to
choose between Akon vs. K'naan(Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist's album
Wavin' Flag) which one do you like best and which do you feel
represents more of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

For me, I feel the song- K'naan's Wavin' Flag represents the FIFA 2010
World Cup better as it represents international sentiments for all
countries who represented in the World Cup event!

What say you? Which World Cup songs you like best?

Wave...flag..wave...Say hi to Friday!


Newer and Better Eoe Online

Hi folks!

How often do you print your digital image collections?

I usually will print my digital photo for special occasion(e.g as a gift to my grandparents, parents, etc) and when I managed to gather enough memorable shots. So I remember the last time I printed with eoe Online was in 2009. Their service was superb fast, that is what I recalled.

Now, a year later, when I revisited eoe Online, wow....yeah that was the first impression I got when their Homepage appears. Cool, nice and colourful page. Very inviting.

And when I browse through the pages, here's what caught my eyes,  they have something "SPECIALS OF THE MONTH" on good offers! Love this cute giraffe frame!

And next of course, I like to try out their digital image printing online order service again! Here's the page that appears when your click on "PRINT PHOTOS".

Very neat and easy-to-understand instruction available. Fuss-free printing steps. And check out their current SPECIAL PRINTS PROMOTION:

4R print @ RM0.30 each

5R print @ RM0.50 each

No additional charges

No minimum quantity


Free delivery for orders

RM35.00 and above

This is very affordable indeed. In fact, I have recommended my sister who need to print a large bulk of her wedding photos for her in-laws in a fast and fuss-free manner considering she would have no time to go to the physical photo studio to fill up the manual form, pass her digital photo and collect it physically.

And I think when she did her printing then, eoe Online is having another special offer which gave her two 8R frames for free! Nice yeah...

So guys, what are you waiting for? If you are thinking about  printing out your digital images, why not give eoe Online a try! You won't regret it! I call this Hassle-Free printing service!
Happy Shopping & Printing!


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Any Good Tukang Urut(Post-confinement Massage) to recommend?

Hi folks,

Two of my close kins been asking about reputable and trusted tukang
urut contacts. As both my delivery is via c-section so I did not had
any "tukang urut" service.

If you know anyone, kindly leave your comment here!

Thanks for your help!


Lesson 1 from Parenthood- Precision

Hi folks,
I believe most of us would agree we all learn a great deal in parenthood throughout our hands-on on this task.
One of the lesson I learnt is PRECISION. Yep, what and why PRECISION?
Handling two toddlers who are extremely choosy and "bossy", I have to take their "orders" with precision as well as manage my task in precision timing!
Below are some scenarios where PRECISION plays an important role:
Scenario 1:
Toddler A and Toddler B "ordered" for night-time supper a.k.a. milk. One ordered for not-so-hot, another one ordered for hot and wants it to be 7oz.
A sleepy mom went making the milk while the toddlers are shouting and singing in their rooms at 12 midnite. Anxious to returned to the room as fast as possible to stop the two toddlers from making such a din in the middle of the night, she failed to make the milk according to the precise order made. The temperature for the milk for Toddler A was too warm and for Toddler B, it went slightly over 7oz.
Toddler B cannot finish the milk and left behind whatever extra mummy made.
Toddler A refuse to take the milk at all until the cool down. And when the milk finally cools down, Toddler A lose interest to finish the milk.
Wastage done.
Scenario 2:
As a working mom of young children (I guess even when our kids are older too!), we are often in multi-tasking mode. And to multi-task breezily, everything has to be done with PRECISION in timing, sequence and right tasks.
Right Timing- Never chooses to do housework that requires you to be away when the toddlers needed you to keep an eye on them. For example, we should NEVER move away to wash dishes while the kids needed our attention to guide them on their homework. I choose to fold the clothes while sitting beside my kids, ever-ready to answer to her questions every now and then. At least, in this way, my household chores get done and my kids are satisfied with the fact that I am WITH them!
Right Sequence- Have you ever tried washing laundry while putting the water to boil to prepare to cook your pasta and cutting the vegetables for the pasta?
If you do, you would know the right sequence would be 1. Put the dirty clothes in washing machine >2. Put water to boil >3. Cut vegetables
When the sequence is correct, you get your pasta done within 15-20minutes followed with ready-washed clothes to be hanged after you happily finished eating your pasta 20 minutes later. Or maybe perhaps after another 10minutes after you have cleared and cleaned the dirty dishes away. Optimum use of time!

When the sequence is wrong, let's say you cut the vegetables first, and then place the dirty laundry into washing machine, then of course wash your hands again and prepare the water to be boiled. Then perhaps this sequence would delay your time at least by 10 minutes.

Talking about PRECISION of timing again here, 10 minutes delay is still 10 minutes spent whether how much impact or difference it would make. For some(especially working parents), it may means late to school/work. But do keep a balance between PRECISION and "smelling the flowers and taking a Slow Dance" as we do want to be "living at the moment" in every task we are doing!

Right Task – Have you tried putting a hot water to boil to prepare for soup or boiling pasta and then leave it to take a shower? If you do, how many times you might have forgotten to check on the water whether it is boiled or too late, it has dried up!! This is definitely not a right task to multi-task with when you need to be away. It can BE DANGEROUS and cause fire mishaps!
So mighty parents! Here's my thought about lessons learnt on PRECISION J

What else have you got to share in terms of PRECISION in parenthood?

Love to hear from you folks!


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Milestone of two kids

Hi folks,

It's been sometime since I last updated about Shone and KY.

Shone has just reached his 2-year-old birthday last month and this month KY would turn 4-year-old.

KY been wanting to grow up fast just like most of us do when we were young, isn't it. When we were young, we wanted to grow up faster. How many of us secretly tried wearing our mom's high heels, put on our mom's makeup, wearing our mom's clothing and pretend we were grown-up! Sounds familiar?

That is what KY is facing now. She loves wearing my high heels and has got his dad to get her one similar high heel for kids. She also has been telling me to get her the same lipstick but in pink color when she grows up. And she is so happy that I dabble a bit of body shop body spray for her. Love the scent and love being made-up and all. And during her first performance for Parents' Day last month, she is so happy to put on her first make-up (very light one, with only organic lip balm in replace of real lipstick). And she happily put on a necklace she inherited from my younger sister. Now that reminds me of some pictures I saw on Suri (Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter). Guess all girls liked to look good J is that a born trait? Haha..

As for Shone, he is toilet-trained now, only wearing diapers at night but would still insist to go to toilet to do his "business" even he had his diapers on. This little guy is so protective of his sister KY! Whenever he saw his elder sister is being bullied, he would go to her rescue. Once, my fiercely nephew who often fight over toys with KY since young started snatching toys from KY again, this time, this Shone went over and scolded him and made the boy returned KY the toy. That really amazed my mil who is watching at the side…lol…And I am not spared as well….once night I was so angry at KY that I scolded her, immediately Shone came over and "scolded" me as well…

Kids really are a good mirror and teacher to us. I can see "me" in my kids. How I raise my voice on them would reflect back in their response to me and others too. Really have to repent and control myself not to raise my voice on the kids.

Even though there are sayings "Spare the rod, and spoil the kids", and that many of us are brought up this way doesn't mean this is the right way! I really prefer to use a more constructive and positively way to discipline my children. But I realized I do need extra patience and need some coaching on the disciplinary methods and how to control and not to lose my temper…phew…did you have a hard time to discipline your kids? How did you managed to do it? And how did it turned out? I am strongly against of using canes etc but really…phew..sometimes really can lost control isn't it…Patience…Patience..and Love…lotsa lessons to learn in parenthood….bet this gonna make this a better person in the progress…so worth all the trying and effort!

Happy and Cheers to Parenthood!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Job Vacancy (IT)

Hi folks!
My buddy is looking for Intern/Fresh Graduate for an IT position. If you know anyone who is looking for job and fit the criteria, pls. fwd this ad. Thanks!
Position: Application Support (Intern/Fresh Graduate)
Approximate Salary: RM1800
Jobscope: Support And Documentation
Programming Language Proficiency:  VB6, VB.NET, MS SQL, ASP.NET
Experience is not required as training will be provided.
Interested, send your resume to : or
Note: You will gain useful experience here for intern/fresh graduate! Jwo Shong, is one of my sifu when I switched from Training to Project Management field! Missed those days working along with them :)
Mission Statement:
"Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men's blood and probably will themselves not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in work and hope, remembering that a noble logical diagram, once recorded, will never die, but long after we are gone, will be a living thing exerting itself with ever-growing insistency."

World Cup Final and its after effect

Hi folks!

Did you notice the road is so CLEAR and jam-free yesterday? No Monday
blues and jam..yippee-yey!!

After reading the newspaper today only I realized why there are fewer
cars on the road yesterday!! It's World Cup Final the day/wee morning
before!!! How could I miss that! Now that testified how many die-hard
football fans there is in Malaysia….so many are willing to take leave
just to watch the Finals!

In fact, in a business meeting (tele-conference) that we supposed to
have with Spanish counterpart was "silent" mode…no one was there to
start the conference!!! I guess the same happened to us Malaysia when
we won the Thomas Cup, it was declared a Public holiday the next day
if you can recall the magic moment!!!  So I guess the Spanish
counterpart might be having their holidays too..haha…

And the news also reported there are rise in absenteeism in school
yesterday, most probably the parents are not able to wake up to send
their kids to school on time!! :P

And those are just some not too bad news reporting or scenarios that I
heard…or seen. But I also heard that on the same day of the Final,
some commotion and unhappy incident broke out at South Africa!!

Sad…hope the Sports spirits live on….

Cheers to good Sports!

Antenatal class at Pantai Hospital Ampang, Aug 7, 2010

Hi folks! 

Pantai Hospital Ampang is organising an Antenatal Class on Saturday, Aug 7, from 10.30am-5pm.

The antenatal class provides the couple with some basic information on pregnancy, the appropriate self-help measures and advice.

Topics include Baby Massage & Bathing Technique, Breastfeeding, Diet & Nutrition, Normal & Abnormal Birth, Common Newborn Problems, etc.

It is open to pre-registered couples only. Admission is free and registration is on a first come first served basis.

To register, call Selvamalar at (03) 4289-2877.

Good to know something before the "real event" especially for first-time parents!


ParenThots Family Day, Aug 7, 2010

Hi folks!'s baaaaack! Yes, the ParenThots Family Day!

It's half a day of fun, games and food, giving parents a chance to bond with their children. It also offers children a chance to play some fair-like games or even just run around.

I missed the event last round despite registering for it as kids were not feeling well...hopefully we can make it this time round!

Entrance is FREE

To find out more details and register, check out Parenthots here!

Please also drop a comment here if you are joining too! I will keep a lookout for u blogger buddies/readers!


Home’s Harmony Clearance Sale, 9 to 13 June 2010(LAST DAY!!)

Home's Harmony Clearance Sale

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Second Floor

Hartamas Shopping Centre @ Plaza Damas

60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1

50480 Kuala Lumpur


Monday, July 12, 2010

MPH Book Fair, 7-18 July 2010 lovers...check out MPH Book Fair, 7-18 July 2010 @Great Eastern Mall

Discounts up to 50%

Kindly bring along this leaflet to

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Terms & Conditions

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purchase of RM20 from book fair

MPH Book Vouchers or Rebate Voucher is not valid during this book fair

MRC, MIM-MPH, Kelab AIM-MPH members are not eligible for points accummulation

on purchase during book fair


Location (Tel 016 6073 733)

Concourse Areas

Ground Floor

Great Eastern Mall

Jalan Ampang

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia