Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bargain Hunting at FAbulousMom

Hi folks!

Saw EBM bottles selling@ MYR2.50 per pc at FM warehouse sales! Most other items are on 20-30% discount.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Popular Warehouse Books Clearance,17 to 28 November 2010

Hi Folks!
Saw this at SnS website.
Wow...can't wait to go and check out some books for kids and myself :)
Cheers and Happy Holiday kids+folks!
17 to 28 November 2010

Popular Warehouse Books Clearance

Rebates Up To 70% Off


Popular Card Members' Preview Day 17 November 2010



The Summit USJ

Persiaran Kewajipan


47600 Subang Jaya


Outdoor holiday camp@Benum Hill,Dec 15-19, 2010

Hi folks!
Saw another nice activity at Parenthots for kids from nine to 17 years old during school holiday

Organiser: Malaysian Outward Bound Youth Association of Selangor\

Event:Youth Holiday Camp

Venue: Benum Hill Resort, Raub, Pahang

Date: From Dec 15-19, 2010

Participants: Open to children and teenagers from nine to 17 years old

Objective: To teach children to love nature and cultivate independence and self-confidence while imparting the value of teamwork and outdoor skills.

Activities: Include kayaking, jungle trekking, flying fox, camping, fire fighting and learning basic first aid skills.

Fee: RM560 per participant or RM540 per participant for a group booking of four participants (group bookings must be in one submission with full payment).

Contact Person(s): Chan Ying Wai (012-206-9981), Jerry Ng (012-288-3688), Tan Chee Seng (012-288-1503), Chan Nam Hong (016-209-9292), Song Poh (019-669-5908) or Connie Foong (019-222-6609).


Cheers to an exciting school holiday camping adventures!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fabulousmom Warehouse Clearance Sale is back, 20-23 NOV!!

Hi folks!
I read the following news here.
The last time I went, I managed to get some real useful items at very low/attractive prices!
Will go there again this weekend to get some pressies for frens and my sister!
Mommies..u got anything to get???
Check them out!
The BIG BIG BIG Sale is Back! 




Storewide discount inclusive of best buy items, hehehe (evil laughter!) Highlighted items which are on great discount are:

Nursing Bras - up to 80%  

Nursing Wear - up to 50%

Breastfeeding Accessories (such as nursing poncho, breastmilk storage bags, cooler bags, etc...) - up to 50%

Modern Bengkung – 30%

Jingle Jungle products – 30% - twinpack promo is not applicable

Jingle Jungle steriliser + combo – additional 20% discount from RM159.90

Hailey Cooler Bags – RM25 each

Storewide 20% discount

Best buy items – 5% discount

Already Every Day Low Price children clothes -  10%  

Medela breastpump YES promo set – additional 5% discount

Spectra 3 package – additional 5% discount

Spare parts of breastpump – NO DISCOUNT

Little Buddy angel/bat bag – RM10, parent child link straps – RM3.50

MLC Humorous Maternity Wear – RM25 per piece   

Funky Mama Maternity Wear – 30%

Petti Skirt – RM39.90, Petti Top – RM19.90

 BUMBO - RM105 only, BUMBO with TRAY - RM125 only

Toys (Intellectual and Educational) - from below RM10

and many more...


Hi folks!

I have learnt so much from all the eco-friendly folks (which comprises largely cloth-diapering mamas, breastfeeding mamas, organic shops owners, vegetarian/vegan friends, etc).

Thus, here's a snapshot of what I have been practising and the eco-friendly products that I have tried using :)

1. eco-friendly laundry ball
Used almost daily. Love it!!! I give it 5 out of 5 stars rating...will not hesitate to get another one once this is up to its usage lifespan(which is 3 years from now!! what a cost-saving product invention!!)

Check out my previous review and write up on this product here.

2. Cloth Pads
Ever since I accumulated my stash of Cloth pad for daily and menstrual period usage.....I have not bought any disposable just yet. I am happy and got used to using these washable pads.

Check out my previous reviews on the use of cloth pad here.

3. Reusable Bags
My collection of reusable bags have grown so much....

From these few(see pic below) to more than 15 of them regularly used for my shopping trips as well as my gift-wrapping/giving option!

I found more and more companies are using reusable bags to store their pamplets and product giveaway which is a thumbs-up gesture all right! We should emulate them and do away with all the unnecessary packaging and try to pack our gift using lovely reusable bags!

 4. Continuous updating myself with green products, practices, and of course giveaways!

Here are some of them:
a. Green Product: from Seventh Generation

These are some of the products I would love to get and try since I am using the non-organic/green ones currently..It's time to switch!

b. Practices

As mentioned in my previous post here, I would love to plant some herbs in my garden and try on the garbage enzynme.

But so far, I have planted the mint at my balcony but have not started on the garbage enzynme. Hope to learn the proper way to do it.]

c. Giveaways

Yep, always keeping up with green products and practices thus along the way also like to join and share the green products giveaways.

Here's one which is currently running by Cloth Diaper Malaysia with prizes of from Seventh Generation and Lifestyle Green Solutions. Interested? Check out yourself at Cloth Diaper Malaysia!

Cheers to a Greener Lifestyle and Safer Environment!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prince William Getting Marry to Kate Middleton in 2011

Hi folks!

U heard the royalty happy news? The charming son of Prince Charles & Princess Diana is getting married soon...

Time really flies.... He is now an eligible marrige age of 28.

Wishing this young couple all the Best & everlasting union!

Cheers !

Selamat Hari Raya Haji!

To my dear Muslim friends,

Selamat Hari Raya Haji and May you have a lovely time with you family.

It is a lovely day to remember those who sacrifice for others and instill this spirit in all of us...pardon me if for my limited knowledge in this day...

Love to hear from ur sharing what you normally do on this special day? I heard Kelantanese celebrate this event much merrier or grand than Hari Raya this true?

Cheers and have a good & grateful day!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ben 10 boot camp, Nov 20 & 27, 2010

Hi folks!

My son loves Ben 10. Does your kid love Ben 10 too? If yes, you might like to find out about this event which I came across at Parenthots.

Organised by Cartoon Network (Astro, Channel 616), they are giving Malaysian children a chance to experience life as the alien-morphing ,Ben 10 in the Ultimate Boot Camp in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya below:

There will be two boot camps:

Date: Nov 20, 2010
Time: 11.30am-10pm
Venue: Subang Parade Mall, Subang Jaya
Highlights: Ben and Gwen Meet and Greets and Hit The Ben 10 Alien Challenge

Date: Nov 27, 2010
Time: 10.30am-10pm
Venue: 1Utama, High Street Concourse, Bandar Utama
Highlights: Kids who complete all 10 challenges will receive a Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp Certificate and Ben 10 goodie bag from Cartoon Network! Challenges include the Ultimate Humungousaur-themed activity, in which participants must build a 15-level high tower without it toppling over; and much more, all designed to test kids' wits and reflexes.

Entry is free!

Open to all kids! Another nice event to go to during this school holiday season.

For more information on Ben 10: Ultimate Alien or the Ben 10 Ultimate Boot Camp, go to



Monday, November 15, 2010

Vincci Opening Special,10 to 24 November 2010

Hi folks!
When I first started working, Vincci has been the brand I love to shop for nice and affordable shoes :)
How about you? Any favourite brand you stay loyal to?
Oh Btw..haven't been to  Fahrenheit88 yet, have you?
Happy Shopping!
10 to 24 November 2010

Vincci Opening Special


Exclusively for HSBC Credit Cardholders

30% off on normal priced items for first 500 early birds

20% off on normal priced items from now until 24 Nov 2010


Opens on 10 Nov at Fahrenheit88

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I learnt from the HFMD battles?

Hi folks!
My kids were down with Hand Food Mouth Disease(HFMD) again in mid-September 2010. They have had it in year 2009. So this is the second time they had to battle with HFMD.
Obviously I am devastated that they caught it again. But I also learnt a lot from it.
I always believe that knowing the disease well is good so that we can be more well-prepared; physically and mentally to win the battle.
After the first HFMD battle in year 2009, when they caught it the second time, I am more cautious and observant on the symptoms.
When the first doctor reported that it is not HFMD, I am not convince. I went to see another paediatrician to double-confirm. As HFMD is contagious, so I want to make sure whether they have caught it so that I can start quarantine them at home and not spreading the HFMD to other kids. I always believe the parents play an important role during the incubation period. We should not bring the kids out during this period. Some parents aren't aware that once the symtoms disappear, it can still spread. So it is good to read and ask your doctor.
Obvious symptom to watch out for:
  1. Onset of fever. On the first till second day, they will get fever.
  2. Complains of mouth sore.
  3. Eating slower than usual or refusing solids and milk.
  4. Red dots on palms, feet.
  5. Ulcers on mouth and tongue.

Below are some of the important points I learnt and did during the HFMD battle:
  1. Always emphasize the importance of hygience to the children (start from young). No finger-biting and always wash hand before they touch their food.
  2. Parents have to stay clean and healthy too. Frequent hand-washing, keeping ourselves healthy is very important. When I was caring for my HFMD-stricken kids, I make sure I wash my hands frequently,I eat proper meals, drink enough water and took my vitamin C.D
  3. Clean and wash the bed linen, towel, hankerchief, cups that they uses. I replace their toothbrush after they recovered from it.
  4. I made barley water, cook soup daily to replenish their fluid since they cannot take solid and most would even avoid drinking milk for the first 3 days.
  5. I bought lots of yakult and allow them to take ice-cream if that is the only things they are able to swallow in. 
 For more details on HFMD, you can always google and check out the articles online. One which I referred to is:
Stay alert, healthy and strong folks!
(Picture from wikipedia on HFMD)