Saturday, December 18, 2010

A New The Star On The iPad

Hi folks!

Having tried out the iPad at Epic Centre, wow...the book-lover in me can't help ga-ga over such luxury book-reading gadget.

Thus far, I have been reading my ebook over my iPhone while in waiting mode; waiting for hubby to knock off, waiting at clinic, waiting waiting waiting...and I do my blog-hopping on it too.

Now, if I do those on iPad, it would certainly be such a breeze...bigger screen...and now even my daily news is on iPad!

The Star, the Malaysia's leading English language newspaper can now be viewed on the iPad!

Go here for more details.

Now those of you who own an iPad, you might like to check it out and pls. share with me how the new look feels..reading TheStar on iPad.


Friday, December 17, 2010

Ask What Can I Do?

Hi folks!

Am reflecting a lot today.... While waiting for my zzz mood to set in...doing my best to rest despite the piles of unfolded clothes, unwashed dishes, unmanned kids who aren't feeling drowsy way past bedtime, MIA DH who himself are ever tired fulfilling his own duty and mission in a tired body...

I am learning to ask myself What Can I Do? More than I ask and expressed If only who & who could do this and that....

This way I feel more in control, less resentful,
More independent, less whining,
More power, less weakening spirit....

How many times we are faced with repeated tasks that need to be completed no matter what condition we are in-
to quote a few- uninterested, bored, ill, rushed, stressed,etc...

There's no where/way to hide or avoid
We can only pull ourselves up & do the Best we can
And learn to be wiser & stronger along the way

Keeping our patience, love and sheer determination with us
Complete the task with nothing but sense of responsibility & faith
That we have ask What I Can do? And Done it to our Best!
There we shall have no regrets.... Even if the day ends right away.....end peacefully ....with dignity....

Feel better after writing these thoughts out....
As my zzzzz mood arrive, it's time to say goodnite!
To a better day tomorrow......Goodnite everyone...sleep tight!


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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heavily drugged

Hi folks!
I have been down with bad cough & flu with lotsa phlegm for a week now..... In my daze just now.. Took two flu medicine unknowingly.. Gosh...hopefully the zzz would cure the phlegm... Been really weak the immune from the lack of sleep, rest and exercise..

Be right back fit & healthy..

Have a great day folks!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Inject Excitement in Mundane Tasks

Hi folks!

Have we all experience a stage whereby we felt stagnant, bored, and listless or lack of enthusiasm on our day-to-day tasks?

When we are confined to doing day-to-day repeated tasks with no creativity, growth or new development, learning or adventures; we easily get bored and unhappy with the mundane task we are “forced” to perform daily.

Therefore it is so important to keep things FRESH!
This applies to stay at home moms or dads as well as working folks!

And how do we do that?

Here are some examples of injecting “freshness” in the ways we do our daily chores:

1. Pick up new languages and practice it daily with your child, colleagues, pen pals etc.

2. Learn and experiment with new recipes.

3. Pick another route and learn new routes.

4. Go to a different market to purchase your groceries. The unfamiliarity will inject some inconvenience for some, yet, it helps to keep your brain alert and away from auto-pilot mode; and most importantly start thinking and exploring again.
5. Try out different things or hobbies during a scheduled ME time. Try making your own mask, baking, cycling, soaking in bubble bath, write letters to friends or yourself, romp through your wardrobe and have a short mini fashion show session trying out all the clothes and matching attires like you never before!

Sounds fun? Do you feel the “excitement” now?

Injecting some excitement is like for any employees sending for training and refreshment courses. It will broaden up our perspective and allows some creativity and new learning mode to take place!

Are you gamed for some unconventional adventures?

What are the things you would do to inject back some excitement?

Shall we share the first 1-3 things that come to our mind?


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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Goal Setting 2: Be Consistent

Hi folks!
The year 2010 is reaching the last month for the year. Time really flies...This is the time to reflect and springclean our goals , our house, our mind...etc.
And, as I was doing some springcleaning on my blog, I found this old entry which I wrote but forgot to publish. And fast forward, I have now managed to bring my two kids out not just to the playground but to do some shopping and marketing as well. I did just that during a brief one week+ off days I enjoyed tremendously with my kids while my babysitter is on leave(on her truly deserved vacation!)

So, here it is...a record of my checklist no. 2- Strike off! Yippee!!
I have marked off the first checklist of my goal no.2 during CNY. I brought my kids to playground on own (yippee…finally!!). However, it does not ends very well as Kay Yee threw tantrum(refused to leave the playground) and asked to be carried…and my hands are full carrying Shone….luckily DH came to my rescue…..Phew…not easy…I simply have to choose the right time, place and approach. Keep it coming~
Now, after moving on with my goal 1 successfully (one task done at least), I like to move on to my next goal for year 2010- Be Consistent!
One of my closest friend and mentor once commented a stranger whom I befriended commented how she finds me at time mature, at time solemn, at time jovial and at time seems "lost" during one of the activity we did together in an event.
And when I reflected on it ..yes, I have been not very consistent in my emotions, effort, etc. Is this a trait for Gemini? :P haha…

But I sure hope to be:
  • Consistently Good
  • Consistently Jovial and Spirited
  • Consistently Respectful to People around me especially my family
  • Consistently Effective and Efficient at Work
  • Consistently Dependable and Trustworthy as a Person

Complicated huh?
Let's see how and what activities I can accomplish with this mindset…Be Consistent..
Seriously, I feel people can understand you better and able to trust you better when you are consistent. Imagine how hubby would feel when you are cold at one time and hot at another…or to friends when you are jovial at one time and moody and etc at another point of time…or to business clients, you can't promise one thing and then change your goods/service at a switch of thoughts/time…correct?

So yes! Be Consistent in every way I can be! When I said I want to do something…mean it and do it! Make my action consistent with what I pledge to do!

Monday, December 13, 2010

What do you do when your kids fight?

Hi folks!
For those who have more than one child or perhaps your kids mingle around a lot with other kids be it their cousins, playmates, classmates, etc; you will have experienced these "fighting" scenes.

So what do you normally do? Will you act as a peace-maker, judge, or police officer by dispersing and separating them?

Ever since my two kids are old enough to fight over things, I often had to be the peacemaker, judge and sometimes the police officer.

Let's see what difference these three different roles make:

Peacemaker is one who gets the kids to make peace and be friends once more.
What I usually do is I will tell both of them that they are brother and sister; and in my case, since I only have two children; I said "You only had each other, so you must love one another." And told each of them how much the other party loves them or dotes on them (when they aren't fighting then; they really do love each other! It's really a Love-Hate relationship here :P)
It often ends with a hug, kisses and hand-shakes.

Judge is often one who is brought in to judge a fight; to say which is the right and wrong parties and then accord the rightful punishment to the "guilty" party.
This is the most difficult role to play as you do not want to act biased and most of the time you were not there to witness who is at wrong in the first place.
When I am "forced" to take up this role, most of the time I would sentence both party as "guilty". Yep, not exactly a good judge here but I want to let them know that when things happened both parties are at wrong and should not put the blame on the other party.

Police Officer
Police officer is the one who enforce the punishment. Most of the time, my hubby is the one who played this "Bad Guy" role.
He would confiscate the toys they are fighting over, enforce time outs, remove privileges such as movie watching, shopping or computer games.

So which role do you play when the kids fight? Do you have any best practices or tips to share?

Love to hear from all of you!


This post is also published in as part of my monthly contribution to their column :)