Saturday, June 18, 2011

Progress today

Hi folks, my third gym visit..had a good workout this round as my cough recovered..feel great to be sweating about you? Managed to make time for some workout/exercise? Try it..feel great!
34mins on treadmill= 3.48km
10 mins on bicycle= 3.1km
15 mins on technogym= 6.5km

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lovely Irresistible CHEAP & CHIC ORGANIZER SET

Hi folks,

Just thought of sharing this with you.

I owned a similar set from Gin & Jacqie...absolutely loving it!

Now, I saw this great deal from Gin & Jacqie (valid till 19 June 2011), that shopoholic & practical organizer me is getting ITCHY!!!

BUT, i have limited my budget for at least these two months to nothing but "necessary" items. Since I still have my's not under
"necessary" ...well..i have to close my eyes but not my share the deal with it..'cos it's such a good bargain.

The original price is RM49.90 for one i think..when i saw it at one of the BIG stationery shops at Bangsar(sorry forgot the name).

So ladies, if you always find yourself forgetting to bring your nick nacks or left it at some of the "other" bags you owned. It's good time to get this
chic organizer, plus it's on a real bargain price (yep, i am not given any goodies or perks from them for saying this...)

Check it out at Gin & Jacqie for this set!

Cheers and happy shopping and organising your life!

Crocs sales

Hi folks!
Did you see or heard the Mega Carnival Sales is back? Gee, I hardly notice till i heard over the radio as usually in Malaysia we do see sales happening
all the time...or just me :P
Now this is specially for me and my sis..and all of you who are looking or hunting for shoes..
Happy Hunting folks!
15June – 31August  2011

Crocs Hot Deals

Up to 20%

10% OFF purchase of RM200 or above
15% OFF purchase of RM300 or above
20% OFF purchase of RM400 or above

Visit your nearest Crocs Outlet today

Thursday, June 16, 2011

How would you all react in such scenario?

Hi folks!

Parenting is such a lifelong learning experience. At every point of their life, we are learning a lot.

Taking care a newborn, tending to toddlerhood, juggling with weaning, potty-training, preparing solid food, choosing a babysitter, a nursery, a school, a college and a university. How about getting to know their new friends, their girlfriend or boyfriend and next learning to communicate and mingle with our daughter or son-in-law.

There are many scenarios which we are learning.

Below are some of the incidents which makes me think and wonder, " How should I react?"
  1. There are tissues paper lying around in front of the lift. Being taught to pick up rubbish, your kids wanted to pick it up. Would you let them be or what would you react? (I was having a phobia, thinking what kinds of germs or viruses would have left in the tissues. Would it be someone who have sneeze on it and litter it around? I did not managed to stop my kids in time to pick the tissues up; but I made sure they washed their hands immediately.)
  2. Your independent and helpful 2-year-old child wanted to help you with the washing of dirty dishes. But you are running low both in time and patience. How would you react to their offer of help? (I said, thank you boy for offering your help, but maybe you can help me the next round as we ought to rush to work/school now)
  3. Your 5-year-old daughter requests to buy lipsticks and nail-polish; and wanted to wear them to school(nursery). What would you respond?(Oh, why do you thought of having one? ...And my gal revealed that it's 'cos her classmate are having one too. So I said, those are meant for adults...let me try and see if I can find any for children ok?)
  4. Your two toddlers are fighting with the new toys which are meant to be shared. None would agree to share. How would you manage such situation? (Please share your views here)
  5. I believe the lists would go on till they grow up to be a responsible adult, married with children and so on....
And we will need to think before we react to each of this scenario.

So now I like to pose the questions to you, "What would you do in such scenario?"

This post would be more as a trigger point for us to ponder and question ourselves and share with others as well.


This post is also published in as part of my monthly contribution to their column :)

Do pay them a visit folks, if you are a passionate mommy blogger/reader too!
Happy reading and sharing!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Affordable Domain Deal Packages!

Hi folks!

Ever dreamed to own your own domain like I do? Now there's more affordable choices locally. One of the more hot one in town is Exabytes.

Look at their affordable packages like:
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Exabytes offers us domain registration for variety of domain extensions. We have full control over our domain name registered with Exabytes. Exabytes also provide us with a web based domain control panel for us to manage our domain name in real time.

I like Exabytes Domain because I have bought and perform the settings on the domain with Exabytes from scratch on behalf of my close ones;  and subsequently renew it the following year. I must say their online support team is awesome, their fast response and online chat support managed to renew  the domain at an awesome deal during the Merdeka sales...awesome awesome ...awesome is what I can say about Exabytes! You gotta try it to testify it yourself! Don't wait, check out now for their great promotion packages before it ends soon!



TODAY is the day...

My mom gave birth to me...
My first cry
My date on my identification till I leave the earth
The date which I shared with many others who were born on the same day

So, here's a toast to us!

Cheers and May we have a fruitful and lovely dayssssssssssssssssssss ahead!

Happy Birthday to me and you!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shedding the Love handles..

Hi folks,

After two series of c-section, it seems hard to shed the love handles.

Ever thought of getting professional help....

Here's one promotion I saw...hmm..what do you think of it? Has anyone tried getting some professional help to regain their body shape and confidence?

Tummy Tummy...Go Away..


Monday, June 13, 2011

I gotta to learn how to make this

Hi folks! Went to farewell lunch with a friend@ an organic book cafe, ordered this mixed-bean drink and sandwich..yummy & filling too..mist learn how to make such healthy meal ;)