Saturday, September 17, 2011

Yummy Meal@Imperial Art Cottage, Sri Petaling

Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Fast+Fuss-Free Cooking

Boil all my remaining macaroni+spiral shapes pasta,topped with sauce with Vege sausages, mushroom, brinjal, tempe, tomatoes,herbs, olive oil and fresh raw lettuce. Cooking Time: 15 mins

Yummy, satisfying lunch pack

My Favourite Macaroni fried with black olives, tempeh, red+yellow+orange capsicums,mushroom, baby long
Beans that taste like asparagus and generous dose of herbs and extra virgin oil..yummy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malaysia Day

Hi folks!

Tomorrow is Malaysia day holiday....Yippee....

But I have tonnes of things to rush .....hopefully can get everything urgently needed today cleared off..

Wish me luck!

And looking fwd for a family trip after these hectic days...

To all Malaysian folks!

Happy Malaysia day and have a restful and fulfilling weekend!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How does a piece of goreng pisang and a cup of milo do to me?


I was having hunger strike after delaying my lunch due some work commitment yesterday.

At 3pm, when the issue has not been resolved, I had to inform my teammate, give me a 5 min break to grab something from the cafeteria as I am too hungry....and worried of gastric attack anytime.

Phew...when i rushed to the cafeteria at a client site, wanting to try my luck to get some bread...all I can find is roti kok or those toasted bread with sugar coating in a packet form.

The first thought which came into my mind is scouting for some hot milo (something similar taste to "hot chocolate" as it is made of cocoa powder) to ease the hunger...

Then, suddenly I saw them bringing out a tray of hot piping goreng pisang or fried banana fritters...

Wow...heavenly! After checking that they have cooked with "new oil", (to think I can even asked this question at the point of great hunger :P), I quickly rang my teammate to ask if she like to have some fried bananas fritters. Cost MYR1 for 3 pieces, I packed two packets for me and teammate. I quickly drank my hot milo while savouring my goreng pisang....gosh...immediately feeling from near-faint-hunger to energized-body.

That is how a mere hot milo and a piece of goreng pisang can do to me in time of hunger...

Aren't we ought to be grateful for all the food we could savour and nourish our body with?

Cheers and have a lovely day folks!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011

Hi folks,

Did you noticed there are lots cars last night? It took us like 2 hours plus to reach my in-law's place.

The jam started around Bkt. Jalil area and at KL itself on places where there are mini Mooncake fest at certain housing area.

And I noticed lots cars heading towards Bkt. Jalil area. When I reach my in-law's place (finally...with the two kids soundly asleep, and yea, missing their dinner cos of the lengthened trip), my motorist enthusiast brother-in-law told us that's cos Das Auto....Volkswagen Autoshow started at Bkt. Jalil stadium! Why, haven't I see the nicely dom-shaped camp earlier..gosh didn't know that it started!

So, guys and know what to do yea...parents who are not looking into stucked in the jam, try avoid areas leading to the Das Auto Show ; unless hehe the husband is heading there for a reason! haha...

All right there..have a lovely day folks!

Itchy to know more about the Auto Show? Go to this site:


Marriage Life: On the eve of 6th Anniversary

Hi folks!

Today is the eve of my 6th anniversary with DH.

And I am currently typing this at the home of my in-laws very early in the morning while accompanying my son on playing on the train sets.

While I think of any special things to get for DH or some special things we could do to commemorate this special day(well at least I like to think it as special..hehe...), I can't help thinking about our marriage at the initial phase.

When we got married, our house CF is delayed, so we stay together with my in-laws for the first year of marriage.

And, I personally think it is a great thing to do as being new member of their family, you get to learn their habits and rituals. And you learnt more intimate things about your DH which you might not discovered, from you mil herself..haha...

Anyhow, this post I suddenly thought of the first encounter I faced of "having different opinion" & choices.

For chinese, when we got married, the lady's side need to get the wedding room decorated. This includes getting the wedding bedsheets and stuff. So, clueless where to get those wedding bed sheet plus not wanting to get those very traditional all fierce red type :P I went to a more modern retail shop selling all types of bed sheet. So, I got myself and purple and pink one as I couldn't find any red one....

When I brought the bed sheet, my mil face shows disapproval, then you know,
"PINK meant for mistress or "small" wife?"

Eiks...not that I know, I simply love the colors and wedding theme in the prints.

So that night my mil brought DH & I to Jusco to select another set...that set is in cream white color with small pink petals at the lace did I know RED is not a compulsory, at least for my mil and cream white is an acceptable color...gee..I would be able to spend less time should I knew it..hehe..)
So, mil chose one creamy white and 100% cotton set for us and we are still using it...and the quality is the BEST amongst all we got over the years.

So, I must say for certain decision, mil knows BEST!

So, here's if first recollection of marriage life..will share more as my mind sets in to think more on marriage life!

Ciao...and Cheers!

Have a lovely day marriage and couple or single folks!

Good Weekend to all and Have a good start of the day with a GREAT SMILE!