Saturday, November 19, 2011

Recuperate Act: Double-Boiled Ginseng Soup

Hi folks! I was told that it takes another 2 weeks to recover fully; thus the lack of qi/energy and cold+ weak feets .. I find it hard to sit/walk too long made myself some nourishing soup to replenish and continue my recuperate tasks :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back to Work day!

Hi folks!

Today is back to work for me....after 2-week  battle with dengue fever and then recuperation.

Already there are urgent things to be settled at work. Due date is tomorrow.

How's life back at work? It was be back with good, genuinely-concerned friends..

But, am taking things slowly step-by-step as I still feel my qi not 100% back.

Feet gets cold easily and i do pant when i talked too much...

It takes rebuild the qi and stamina..

Time to make some crockpot soup again...

Till then...take care folks and enjoy being alive!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recuperate- Day 6

Hi folks!

I have stayed 6 days in hospital and another 6 days recuperating@ home for dengue.... Tomorrow has to be back in office.

I have been diligently taking the cactus juice, ginseng powder and fruits to rebuild the energy, qi and strength.

I have not been able to talk too long or raise my voice at the kids(lucky for them? Not really cos when words didn't make it, has to use spanking and I hated it) ...been trying to get DH help to discipline the kids like when they spent long hrs "brushing teeth" in the bathroom etc... Simply no strength to keep asking them to get out of the room and water play...phew...

Today would be the last day resting@home. Thankful for the chance to rest. Till Dec when I try to take some time off...when bbsitter goes on leave for school holidays. ..

It's back to work's time to pick up what's pending..

It feels good to eat well and rest well..if we could all eat healthily not only when we are sick..and rest enough to recharge daily... Our body will thank us for it! And function better too :)

I hope I would still take time to sync with my body after this..listen well and work as a team with our body :)

Cheers and have a healthy day!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recuperate- Day 5

Hi folks!

How long it takes to fully-recover from dengue fever?

I first had the symptoms (fever, diarrhea, giddiness/feel like vomitting) on 2nd Nov evening. After two-day, doc did a blood test for me. Results shows my platelet 113/150 & white blood cells also went down. Admitted to hospital on 5th Nov @ the platelet just went down each day@scary rate: 113,78,48,37,....

Dr. said it was normal, some ppl went down to single digit before it came up again.

The Korean young lady who shared the same room as I did discharged after 9 days of dengue fever. I calculated & pinned for the day I could recover @ I did after staying for 6 days, on the 8th day of my dengue fever...@87 platelet...but then my rashes came. I tried my best not to scratch... Now after 12days of dengue, the rashes still there..but not so itchy anymore...

So all in all, it takes 2 weeks to endure ... So pls... Dear construction sector n everyone.. Play our part & don't let another person becomes dengue fever victim ... It's no joke at all.. Try vomitting for a week...

Take care all. Clear those waters, don't let it be mozzy breeding ground!!!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Recuperate- Day 4

Hi folks!

Today going to tame my fear to go washing & laundry@ the dreaded balcony facing that construction site.. Tonnes of clothes to wash n dirty dishes too..

Once I overcome that will treat myself an organic meal...

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recuperate- Day 3

Hi folks!

Thanks for all your good wishes! I got better each day. I spent the whole morning (4am-11.30am) to finish up a 585pgs(divide by 2) of Bilingual Biography I have been waiting for more than 18 yrs for the translated version to come...not to brag...but just amazed, happy and glad that I still have the drive and energy for marathon reading just like when I was young...when we got hold of a nice book and hard to let record it down here for encouragement for more reading adventures to come...

I have not done much reading ever since I am with kids.. I mean serious, intense reading....

Am glad the reading makes me felt rejuvenated, cleansed and much inspired. Meeting up a faraway friend for the first time with story-like encounters and experiences to share during last night dinner time is indeed another highlights for me.

I am enjoying and truly thankful for the recuperation days given Doc! Recharging..

On physical note wise I know I am still not up to it...stamina still lacking. Can't sit, talk too long or overeats...moderation is the key here..

Have a lovely day folks! Today I will see my boy again after 1 week away from me...

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