Saturday, January 26, 2013

When craving for good during rainy days..

Hi folks!

I often craves for fried vermicelli these days(yes, even dreamt about it!), it's also one of the more tolerable food during my heavy vomitting. One morning suddenly feel like packing this good suddenly it rained non-stop ..thus I had to cook it myself...thank God I could tolerate the gas stove smell now and had bought a pkt of vermicelli ..always remember what a blogger friend once shared with me while she was staying overseas, there's no such luxury to have takeaway whenever she has fallen sick as halal food is rare over makes to toughen up myself sometimes when I am tired to cook yet craves for the food ;) well at least I managed to satisfy the hunger and craving..Thankful :)

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transformed housewife said...

how far are you now with your pregnancy?