Friday, February 8, 2013

License to eat

Hi folks!

After checkup yesterday, I finally can sigh in relief..and regained my license to eat... :P

This pregnancy the symptom a bit like the second one..I tend to like sweet desserts, chocolates, muffins...but I tried not to take too much as I worried of the yucky glucose intolerance test...

After nurse told me I should gained more weight and more blood(Hb reading went up from 9.5 to 10.8) still not at a favourable level...hehe.. can I say I have gotten my LICENSE to eat..this CNY! Haha..yippee!

Though I should also still watch my diet as age catching up...not sure if I am able to regain my pre-pregnancy weight later..haha..Moderation is the key while still indulge once in a while in dark chocolate and yummy desserts..

How often do we get the license to eat as we wished right :)

After the bouts of vomiting period (first trimester), eating(without worrying of vomiting) has been such a luxury to me. Even drinking big gulps of water at one go seems such a refreshing task now. As during the heavy vomiting every small little sip might bring out gosh of water later..eiks..ok let's not talk about this now..

Back to this pregnancy again...many asked me what is the gender, especially kind-hearted friends who has things to giveaway to me..knowing that I have GIVEN AWAY all my bb stuff last time as I thought we have finally call it a day a.k.a. close shop. But God has a better plan for us it seems..

Thus, this time I had to scout around for things from others who have "closed shop" before starting my baby items hunting/buying spree...It's been 4 years plus now..really feel like outdated from the baby buying scene :P It's been such a long time since I last check out baby stuff unless I need to get some baby shower/full moon gift!

This time round, I purposely asked the gynae of the gender simply to make it easier for my baby items hunting from it's been confirmed by the gynae's BLUE! The gynae seems so safe to say..Friends...if you have any baby items(still in good condition) which you like to give away...pls. do give me a buzz! THANKS a millionsss!


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