Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Folks!

Yesterday, KY guide his brother to make a Valentine's Card for me....I wonder how she knew it was going to be Valentines' Day nowadays very well-informed indeed!

Here's their masterpiece(unfinished)..hehe mommy sneaked it out to take a snapshot while they taking their nap :)

Very touched and love their little gestures....

Inside by SE...see the little figures he drew there..some with smiley face some with sullen face..guess that's how mom is to him..sometimes full of love..sometimes full of "anger" :P Really need to keep tab on my flares..

Here's the cover page by SE (at 4 year old), he spelt it himself..cute..

This one by KY..the inside is incomplete yet..but the outside is real cute..

It's heart-warming to know kids think of me on this special day..heart-melting moments..

How has your Valentine's Day been?

Hope it has been a nice day for you too!


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