Saturday, February 16, 2013

Living our BEST life together as a family

Hi folks!

Inspired by the “Living your BEST life together as a family” postings made by Childhood 101 mom, Christie, I would like to pen down how and what I could start doing to live our Best life together as a family.

1.       Exercise together

The kids really need to sweat it do the adults. I am trying to get the children to get the dad to join them on their swimming and playground trips instead of zz-ing in bed during the restful weekends.

2.       Clean and tidy house together
Having another baby on the way, means I will have less time to tidy up the house. I would have to move faster, and enlist help from the whole family members. Will have to make it fun and painless chores for all.

3.       Plan and budget together

We really need to have smart spending and saving plans with an addition in the family.

4.       Share our dreams together

We All have our dreams, the kids dream to have their mom be with them constantly, whereas the mommy dreamt of having a work from home option so that she could be with the kids more often. But action is required to realise this dream. By sharing it as a family, we can support each other better.

5.       Listen, listen listen and share a moment of solitude with ourselves, with each member

One to one time is so important. I am definitely making more effort on this one..with DH, SE, KY, myself and with the baby.


Lots more to thing for sure..I like myself to embrace change, to seek improvement each day and to be a more loving mom, wife and person. Less screaming, shouting; more hugs, smiles and kisses.


May God walk alongside me on this path of growth …



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