Sunday, February 17, 2013

House Improvement - 2nd Edition

Hi folks!

The past 2-3 years I have been done some house improvement, i.e. clear the storeroom and turn it into the kids room and another room into their play cum study room.

The storeroom is one which i truly amazed of myself..cos I have been wanting to do it for sometime but putting it off 'cos DH is not around to help out. One day, when mood arrives, eyes and hand getting unbearable, i took the things all to myself and start throwing, reorganising,...alas the room is ready for the kids to help to decorate it.

I must say the change and the effort has brought much fun and improvement to our lives, in terms of having space to do our reading, our exploration, etc.

Now, moving forward, we are going to have another house improvement again....this time is at the kitchen area as well as the existing study room and kids room. Previously, only the master bedroom has an air-cond. Thus, kids have been taking over the Master bedroom most of the time when they felt hot. Especially in their room where it's facing the wall and not much air-circulation...despite fengshui saying it's good for kids and their study. So, we have been saving and planning and budgeting...alas we are going to install an air-cond for them, and might as well do it at the study room too. With this hopefully they will move over to sleep in their own room in time before baby arrives.

Another place we have been wanting to "upgrade" is the kitchen. As we moved in with the kitchen all done up, the material(wood surface) has not been very friendly to use and maintain. Thus the surface is cracked and it has been an eyesore for us for sometime now. Hopefully with the kitchen makeover, our stuff can be more organised and I could have more "fun" time in the kitchen with the kids!

These all will be done before baby arrives...changing for the better...with all the investment put in..hopefully we will have a new change of lifestyle..for once..
  1. The kids learning to be independent and sleep on their own, change their own clothes, make their own bed. 
  2. Mommy will have more and enjoyable kitchen time with the kids on the new tops which is more durable and kids-friendly
  3. Daddy will enjoy more dish-washing time(ahem) with the new deep-double sink
  4. We will all eat at a clutter-free dining table (all these while, there aren't enough place after we placed the steamer, steriliser etc on dining table as we simply do not have proper space for them, with the kitchen makeover..hopefully things will improve!)
  5. Step-by-step....I hope and I certainly am sure i need to be super organised with no.3 coming..hopefully the change will make it easier for us all!
What are the little changes in life which you are making to make your family life better, easier and more manageable?

Please do share!


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