Friday, March 29, 2013

Clarification on Second Bad Experience

Hi folks!

I just feel that I should clarify here...that I am actually not unhappy at the Groupon online deal website but at the particular merchant that promote their service there. In fact the immediate action Groupon took during the air-cond service issue(where I simply couldn't get through the air-cond service phone/ receive no reply at all after following the instruction written to book the deal with promise I will get a confirmation reply but NONE at all!) . Groupon staff called the merchant immediately on my behalf, apologize and return the payment in terms of store credit which I could spent at Groupon for other products and services.

After these two bad experiences for "services" I bought, I have decided enough is enough, no point wasting money and time. It's not that big difference anyway. I would rather pay more to get one which follow my time and keep their promise than paying one at seemingly discounted price at Groupon yet had my money stucked there yet can't get the service I wanted at my prefered time.

The way the merchant told me that they couldn't fit in my time despite confirming my appointment a week earlier is simply cos my house is too far and not on their way! Hello if can't why advertise my area is available on the groupon deal? Now I have made the payment and booking yet I had to suit your convenient schedule so that it's convenient for you!??! What kind of service attitude is this? It is so unprofessional. If they have not confirmed with me earlier I would have find other cleaning services. At such short notice(less than 24hrs) and on a weekend, where and how am I going to find another cleaning service? Am I not wasting my time planning for it? I could have bring the kids somewhere for holiday. They made us, customer felt our time is not important and their time and route are!

Same thing happens with the air-cond service. No confirmation or reply after 2 weeks. A day before the service date booked, only been told not available for that time slot.

I felt let's be fair. If we are only allowed to make any changes 2 days earlier or get our money forfeited, then practice the same, if you can't provide your service, at least have the courtesy to inform us two days before so that we can make other arrangement. Else refund our money.

So yea that's it. I am not saying Groupon is a lousy co. In fact it is the only co. I have been purchasing some good restaurant, products's just that when comes to things like "services", these two bad encounters are enough to put me off at least from getting any other "service deal" not only from Groupon but for any other online deals from now on.

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