Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lunch Pack when kitchen is out of order..and alarm clock ignored

Hi folks! These days while waiting for the kitchen installation to be completed, for the past two weeks, I have been relying on steaming lunch pack(less washing) and bringing sandwiches for 3 of us(much to the delights KY who loves eating bread and snacks than proper rice/noodles for meals!). Once, when the alarm ringing sound got ignored and I am running late for work(besides running out of bread to make sandwiches; only have enough for KY), here's what I improvised as my quickie lunch@work. Two slices of cheese with 4 pieces of organic crackers, a cup of oats that works like a porridge when added with the preserved mushrooms and vege in jar. The thermos of Bak Choy and kelp soup was steamed another day as I missed my vege and soup after two weeks of buns and sandwiches..

Still a satisfying meal..albeit camping-style, reminds me of he time when I just moved out and live on my own during college days..

Hope the kitchen is back in order soon! KY has been requesting for sushi, burger etc. but bless her that able to sustained two weeks on buns and sandwiches without much fuss!

What do you cook when kitchen is "out-of-order"? I guess for many of us in Malaysia, we are lucky enough to have readily available and affordable takeaway ;)

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