Monday, March 25, 2013

Ordering food at favourite kids-friendly restaurant

Hi folks! My kids and I love visiting this place called MyVege where we get to write our own orders, with wide varieties of food choices (satay, dim sum noodles, porridge, juices, Rojak, u name it!). And KY loves being in-charge to take down our order. She learnt to fill up the menu code(and indicate our preference- less ice/no ice/hot; spicy/no chilli,etc), table name, date and no. of patrons on the table. Giving her a sense of achievement and fun I guess ;)

As for me I love visiting this restaurant cos their food arrived quickly, there's ample of space and high-chairs for kids, it i clean and I don't get stared at when we spent too long time finishing our meal there as this outlet has upstairs space as well when downstairs are fully-booked, patrons will move upstairs. Today I just went there and we spent an hour there ..yea..having a no-rush meal where kids enjoyed their food and mommy enjoyed her "peace". At this restaurant I don't have to force them to eat their food. They can memorize their favourite choices and lick them clean ;)

Which is your favourite kids-friendly restaurant?

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