Saturday, January 26, 2013

When craving for good during rainy days..

Hi folks!

I often craves for fried vermicelli these days(yes, even dreamt about it!), it's also one of the more tolerable food during my heavy vomitting. One morning suddenly feel like packing this good suddenly it rained non-stop ..thus I had to cook it myself...thank God I could tolerate the gas stove smell now and had bought a pkt of vermicelli ..always remember what a blogger friend once shared with me while she was staying overseas, there's no such luxury to have takeaway whenever she has fallen sick as halal food is rare over makes to toughen up myself sometimes when I am tired to cook yet craves for the food ;) well at least I managed to satisfy the hunger and craving..Thankful :)

Friday, January 25, 2013

A case of disservice and lack of profesionalism from an online deal

Hi folks!

Sadly, today, something really infuriated me! A case of disservice and lack of profesionalism from an online deal..which makes me THINK THRICE to ever purchase any of such deals online.

In Dec 25, 2012, we have bought an online deal for air-cond service(CNY coming and air-cond service is due as well). In the T & C, it stated there we could start making our booking from Dec 25, 2012 to Jul 4, 2013. So, we quickly made our booking once the voucher arrived on Dec 26,2012 according to their format stated via sms.

Rightfully, as customer, you would have expected a confirmation of booking date and time right? But NO REPLY AFTER ONE MONTH!! And NO ONE PICK UP YOUR CALLS at the number stated!

Today, a day before our booking date, I had to file a complaints to online deal company to sort things out! Finally they managed to contact the merchant however we were notified that our booking was cancelled?? By Who? When? We did not even get a single confirmation notice or did we MADE any cancellation!! So who made the cancellation?????

To add salt to the wound, this company was so fully-booked that we can only have our service booking after May (which is way after our air-cond due for servicing!).

If you are a customer, will you feel like firing at them?!!!!

This is my FIRST time facing such a lack of profesionalism in a company advertising on the reputable online deal co. which really badly reflected not only the merchant but also on the online deal co. itself.

It makes me lost the trust, faith and zest to purchase further from the online deal co. and of course from the merchant!

Shopping for deals and service meant to be fun and satisfying..but this makes my temperature GOES UP for nothing..

So more online voucher deals from now on!

What a way to begin my weekend...hope this is a blessings in disguise..reduce my spending ;)

Grateful in return...

Cheers and have a good weekend folks!
[Will update you all how will this online deal company deal with such complaint case...from this event, I will reconsider if this co. deserves a second chance!]

Exercise during Pregnancy

Hi folks!

This pregnancy has been rather tiring and eventful than's 5 1/2 mth now and yet I have not done ANY preparation at's more like trying to juggle some new events, happening for my two children right now...and listing out whatever I could think of as well as finishing whatever uncompleted/planned task from last year....

Haven't got time to really sit down and think what are the things I need to get prepared.

One thing I notice...this pregnancy has been more "tiring" than the last two(age factor?). Usually by 5th month during my last two pregnancies I would be bubbling with energy. But this time round, I find myself tires easily. When my manager asked me if I do any exercise..i replied..o yeah...just lotsa walking around basically. 

Chauffeuring kids, doing the usual marketing and groceries and even driving to client site for meeting really seems to be a more daunting task now. I had to include in some cushion time for toilet trip and slower walking motion.

So whichever time I have at hand...i really prefer to put my legs up, rest my back and eye (a.k.a.) sleep....zzzz...away as the usual daily rush hour has made me rather sleep and energy-deprived.

So yesterday is a one-day holiday for Malaysia, and kids requested to go for a swim. Thus, since DH does not seems to wanted to dip in for a swim, I changed to my swimming attire and join the kids for some light exercise in water. Basically just kicking my legs away and having fun with the kids. Swimming being one of the few exercise which I think is pretty safe for pregnant women besides, brisk walking, yoga, etc.

It feels good to be able to be "weightless" again albeit few minutes in water...away with the heaviness that I felt most of the time...

So, what other exercise do you do while being pregnant? Please do share..or any activities at all that keep your energy level up :)

22 Weeks and counting...I hope to regain more energy to do some spring-cleaning before CNY...crossed my finger.. :)


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lunchpack: 15min Stir-Fry Yee Mee

Hi folks!

When I am running out of time, low on resources, this fail-proof dish is what I would prepare. Can basically make use of whatever ingredient I have on hand and voila yummy and fast meal ready as yee mee( a kind of ready-fried noodles) is ready-cooked, simply. Stir-in together with the add-ons(vege, eggs, tofu, etc) & seasonings. Voila a sure-loved dish to feed few picky eaters are ready ;)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Giveaway Result: Share the softness

Hi folks!

Sorry that I took so long to announce the winners( yes, two winners!) for the Contest and Charity: Share the softness :)

The winners go to:
1) Thomas
2) Jwo Shong

The prize shall reach the both winners before CNY!

Thanks for participating and contributing to a good cause to raise MYR10 for your entry to Make-A-Wish Malaysia!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Help find William Yau Zhen Zhong

Hi folks! It's really sad and must be very agonizing moment for this child parents. Let's do our part to help find six-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong, who has been missing since Wednesday (Jan 16) who was last seen at Jalan Putra Mahkota 7/6c in Putra Heights.

More details of his missing here.