Friday, March 22, 2013

Unconventional Survival Skills?

Hi folks!

Not sure if you guys ever heard/ encounter yourself the following survival skills/method:

1. In order not to suffer from disappointment, bear no high hopes. Thus anything that does come to good outcome is an extra blessing.

2. Acknowledge and accept our choices and readily accept the outcome. If cannot accept, leave it. Do not be unhappy, or have regrets over it. It's choices we made. Make the right choice to be happy, to be free from it now! Either accept it or do something about it.

3. Tell yourself "I can do it!" When you find no strength to go on. You can untap the inner strength you have within you and focus on your ultimate destination whether is to bring a better life to your children or be a better person yourself.

Above are some of the survival skills practice by someone to survive from heartache, wrenching and unable to go on feelings from time to time..

What are the unconventional survival skills you have heard or personally practice? Do share your thoughts....

Cheers to a good weekend folks! Happy holidays!

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How do you recharge?

Hi folks!

Lately, I have been running low on fuel often especially during late afternoon.  Work been pretty hectic since early morning as everyone (excluding me) gearing up towards my maternity leave soon…hohoho…

So it was stepping on the pedal from morning till battery running flat by 4pm..phew..

How do you recharge if you were in my shoes? For me, the fastest way are from food and friends.

Grab some food to eat; or grab a friend to trash things out. Very quickly I get refuel. Instant energy :D


How about you? How do you recharge at work or off-work when you can get your zzz..?


Hope to hear from your sharing!

Cheers! J

Celebrating Water Day- La Gourmet : Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotion, 22-24 March only

Hi folks...sharing this with you ;) in case you are looking for more eco-conscious way to pack your lunch and water :)

     cheers! :)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

28-31 Mar 2013: VITACARE & US POLO Clearance Sale

Hi folks~

If you are around the area..check if there's any brands you are interested in..I am interested in Buds and Jean Perry :D

VC_130_CoBranding sales_A5-02 VC_130_CoBranding sales_A5-01

28-31 March 2013

VITACARE & US POLO Clearance Sale

4 Days ONLY.

Products Offered









Leather Goods

Brands Offered











Silky Girl


Jean Perry

B.U.M Equipment


Niki Cains

and more

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Best blogging gig

Hi folks!

Just thought of sharing this as all BLOGGERS out there, if you are one who love to travel and blog, and the plus point paid for it.

It is called the Biggest, Baddest, Bucket List, and one lucky person is going to get the prize of a lifetime – a six-month, all-inclusive, blogging trip around the world to at least 25 international destinations and a cheque for US$50,000 (RM155, 250) upon completion.


Check out at TheStar Online article here.


Best job in the world

Hi folks!

What do you think is the Best job in the world?

How about a job as a caretaker on Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier
Reef, Australia. All one had to do was have a vacation on the island
and communicate to a global audience via weekly blogs, video updates
and photo diaries and pay is A$150,000 for six months of "work"?
Awesome or too good to be true?

It's a true story happened to Ben Southall, the one who won the best
job in the world back in 2009. Southall won the job after joining a
contest campaign run by Tourism Queensland.

Now the campaign is back. And there are now SIX jobs up for grabs.
Wow..sounds like an interesting experience for those who are gamed for

For the six-month assignment this time around, the pay is A$100,000
(RM319,000), plus accommodation, food and expenses, for doing one of
the following menial jobs: Chief Funster (New South Wales); Outback
Adventurer (Northern Territory); Park Ranger (Queensland); Wildlife
Caretaker (South Australia); Lifestyle Photographer (Victoria); and
Taster Master (Western Australia).

The competition is run by Tourism Australia with the six state and
territory partners.

Open to anyone over 18 who can obtain a working holiday visa for
Australia (so Malaysians are eligible!!!).


Or Go to Tourism Australia's Working Holidays Facebook
page, for forms/further details of the

Cheers! (Now at first, one second i thought the Best job in the being a mom..lolx!)

One of my favourite Indian dish

Hi folks! Last Sunday we went for dinner at one of our favourite dating place in the past..DH would then purposely drive up to this place in Klang from Setapak just to have his dose of Roti John@ Restarant Vegetarian Ka(somewhere near Jusco).

And my favourite dish there is this simple tosai. All-time
Favourite! What is your favourite Indian cuisine/food?

Cooking Fun with Friends

Hi folks! Last Sunday, i joined a group of friends for a cooking gathering. Each contributed their favourite dishes and we had so much fun and food! I offered my favourite salad dressing recipe whereas hubby tried his first time preparing the Gordon Ramsay perfect white sauce for the vegetarian mushroom "steak" and his favourite mash potatoes made from Russet Potatoes. Another friend made this puff which taste so good and so easy to make with ready made pastry skin(must try it next time and share with you all the recipe!) and the rendang and vegetarian ham pizza completes them all..the theme of our meal for the day- Western cuisine...till out next adventures to explore other types of cuisine! ;) cheers!

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Power of Thought

Hi folks!

What is the possibility of meeting up with all the people you think of on the same night at the same place?

Amazingly, yesterday evening, when DH drove me up to Klang to pickup some baby clothing from a friend, I thought of some old buddies, whether they'll(and we have) time to meet up. They are long time friends of me & DH whom we have known while we are still single.

Then, out of a sudden, when we went to have a late dinner after running our errand, we ended up meeting up with 3 groups of friends we were thinking of.

THAT, is the power of thought! Amazing....

One of the friend exclaimed, this means u are going to be very lucky..I do hope I am! I need plenty of luck from now to months to come to face a new chapter of my life...mommy of 3s....

I know God will be walking along with me...

Thankful, grateful and will now think of all the good things and good people around me..