Friday, October 11, 2013

"REGISTER & WIN" Promotion Campaign

Hi folks!

Are you using any of the ajinomoto products? What? Ajinomoto msg?
Not only that, actually do you know ajinomoto also has other products such as Vono mushroom soup, etc.

I have so far, tried once on the Vono mushroom soup, given to me by my sister back in many years.

Now, if you do, maybe you like to participate in their " Register & Win" campaign and stand a chance to win exclusive gift from them as below:
(Note: You may add my ID: UZ004043 as referrer should you wish to register. Thank you.)


For more information, please log on to



KL Eco Film Festival, 12 & 13 Oct 2013, Seed Swap Saturday (& Sunday)

Hi folks!

Seems that many people took leave on Monday to have a long stretch of holiday....

If you are happened to be in KL, you might like to check out the KL Eco Film Festival, 12 & 13 Oct 2013.

Especially for green fingers who like to check out their Seed Swap Saturday (& Sunday). How small little garden at my balcony consists of mint, basil, coriander and a little small flower plant has been "demolished" by DH till he said I have time to mind them ..bit sad..but true enough it does the plant no justice when this busy mommy has not even time to water them at times.

So, for those gardening-aspiring folks, here's a great event to check out and swap your seed with other seedsavers. Non-hybrid, non-GMO, heirloom seeds are most welcome. They'll be selling some of our hardy paper seed packs too.

Outdoor Vendor Booths (near the Main Stage)
Publika, 1 Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur


Have a fruitful or should i say "seedful" weekend folks!


Surviving the bleh

Hi folks!

At times, even when we are not feeling at our tip top condition, we are still required to perform at our best. There are still meetings to attend, kids to attend, meals to prepare (yep, not everyone has the luxury to have takeaway/escape from cooking anytime they wish), etc.

So how do we make it more workable and bearable during these moments?

Here are some of the tested and tried ways, and also ways I told myself, "Next time I should…"

1.       Have ready packed meals in the freezer/quick-fix meals you can prepare in a jiffy.

I find those foods which we can easily cook in steamer like pau, siew mai, sweet corn in can, frozen dumplings, eggs, etc can make our life easier. One night, during one of those monthly "visit", I took out the pre-packed baked cheese rice and cook it in oven for DH. A lovely meal I don't have to sweat over the stove and yummy too. A true gem and luxury to have in moments of "downtime".

2.       Have a folder/list of your favourite songs/music ready at hand to be played at such moment would be such great relieve.

3.       Think of the good and great moments to pull myself out of the "down" time.

4.       Said to myself, "This too, shall pass quickly."

5.       Pretend like you're an actor and you had to somehow, anyhow act this role (whichever role you couldn't avoid doing, be it your day job as a superior, cashier, teacher, etc; or as a mom) until the Director said "Cut" and "OK, we're done for the day!" Be professional.

These are just some of the "tools" I have in my pocket to survive the moments of "bleh" when I just don't feel like doing anything yet had to.

What about you? What are the tools you stored in your pocket? Mind to share?


Thursday, October 10, 2013

What to Do and not to Do when you are feeling "bleh"

Hi folks!

I am sure at times we would be feeling "bleh" or feeling under the weather. It can felt like a bad hair day or even get up on the wrong side of bed. Ever had this feeling?

I do sometime, just like the weather when it becomes all cloudy.

And I learnt what are the things to do and NOT TO DO during this moody period.

What to DO:

1.       Order takeaway or delivery.

2.       Do nothing but lie on the bed and rest/listen to music/ read your favourite recipe books or anything with lotsa graphics like women/fashion/decor magazines. This is definitely not a good time to read lotsa text! At least not for me. None of those text will enter my brain for processing at such "mood".

3.       Smile and do not answer the kids' queries or even tantrums. It can mean disaster as we are not in the right frame of mind. Try to delay answering by asking them to give you some thinking moment.

4.       Exercise/take shower/take a stroll in the park

5.       Close my eyes and practice deep breathing for at least 10mins.

6.       Write your journal (like what I am doing now). Express, record and embrace that moment of bleh.


1.       Explain things to the kids/Pass on the negative vibes to the kids/people around you.

2.       Cooking. The food will not be edible and might end up in bins (at least for me).

3.       Make any important decision.

4.       Shopping. (YES! Retail Therapy might go backfire with impulse buying). However, window shopping is fine as long as anything attracted your eyes are simply in wishlist /shopping cart without payment/order made :P

5.       Driving. (If you can avoid it. I find myself unable to make clear and right decision to decide on the routes to take/destination to go).

Now, tell me what would you do & not do during your moments of "bleh"… I felt better…thanks for listening & sharing your moment with me :D



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tesco Malaysia's Walk For Life

Hi folks!

When was the last time we had an exercise and now for a good cause? For me, the last time i ever had any real exercise must be few years ago...unless doing housework, chasing after babies and toddlers, chauffeuring kids to their activities, running errands are counted! :D Here's one great news for us, Tesco is organising "Tesco Malaysia's Walk For Life" together with University of Malaya Medical Centre to raise RM1 million to help children with leukaemia. There will be fun activities with up to 1,000,000 Clubcard points to be collected! woots!

So what are you waiting for? Get your whole family to participate in this event. Registration begins now!-





Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bonda Villa- The Breastfeeding-friendly Confinement Center

Hi folks!

Was having sleepless night awoken by my persistent cough..thus what I tried web hopping :P and somehow saw this Breastfeeding friendly confinement center opened by a lactation counselor/consultant, Gina@Shah Alam. Wow..never knew there's such good place! Love the fact that they are using organic products for moms and babies!

So folks/moms-to-be, if you are cracking your head to find a confinement lady who's Breastfeeding-friendly and knowledgeable(which is rare!!! Most would give you some challenge on this aspect based on my experience), you may want to check put this center or google for some reviews by moms who have stayed there ;)

Happy sharing while coughing :) anyone can share with me some good home remedy for Heaty cough(with greenish phlegm?)...


Monday, October 7, 2013

Soothing Food on a cold morning

Hi folks!

Was down with cough, slight feverish and throat pain..feeling hungry, made myself a soothing breakfast like this (added with flaxseed oil, extra virgin
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar). Hope the virus leave me soon..

Going to pump n zzz soon..have a good week folks!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yummy Vitamin-packed Seaweed Noodle on a Cold morning

Hi folks!

Me & kids are suffering from bad cough and cold..making this on a rainy Sunday morning. Pray it will help me to get well soon and escape the antibiotic treatment! Phlegm getting yellowish green in color now ...any good remedy to share? Thx in advance!