Friday, February 21, 2014

Feeling Blessed

Hi folks!

Soon, the change would start another chapter of my life...

Reminiscing the past good 4years working at my current company, I feel thankful for being blessed with good working colleagues whom i shared lovely and wonderful moments together.

Thankful to my superiors, JG, Chia, Phang, CG, YFWong, YSLew, whom I have the (some briefly) chance to work with....they are fantastic mentor! Very grateful for the opportunities given by them and the accommodation for any of my lack of competencies.

Thankful to KMChong, Lili, CH,Heng, all my other sifu-SSS who have taught me one thing or another including how to manage the difficult client request, Project timeline etc...

Thanks to Norra, Sha, Abang Kamal, Mr. Chin,On and many others who took care of me while I am attached with the company.

Thanks to the whole SWG members for the support, friendship, accommodation and lessons learnt.

Will gonna miss this place.

Thanks to my boss, Phang who accepted my farewell letter without much funfare/fuss. Hope will get the chance to work with you again! May you scale a greater heights with the team you lead..

Thanks everyone and farewell soon..till then keep in touch!


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