Thursday, February 20, 2014

What types of hairstyle suits a busy mom of 3?

Hi folks!

My hair is getting messy after cutting it last Dec/early Jan. Thinking to get an easy-to-maintain yet feminine short hairstyle(much to the disagreement of DH who preferred a long hairstyle for me).

For Eco & practical reason, I find it hard to keep.. Since I simply have no time to blow-dry a long hair and maintain it. What's more needing more shampoo+more shampoo-ING time..though I love those long curly hairstyle..oh well maybe after the kids all grown up..I might able to try it. As for now, no time for it.

What kind of hairstyle mommies you find easy to maintain and still look presentable?

Here are some I like to show my hairstylist ;)


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