Friday, March 7, 2014

Points to Ponder-Educate children

Self Defense for Women

Oven-Baked Lebanese Wrap

Hi folks!

Finally tried the Lebanese wrap. The instruction in the packaging says preheat the oven for 180 degree Celsius and then warm it for 3-4minutes, but it turned out to be like crackers, more suitable for dipping.

Thus, next I tried warm it just slightly 1-2minutes, perfect warm and still soft or wrapping.

But the accidental over-cooked wrap is a good idea to work as chip for dips..yummy..will try it one more time while I experiment with hummus dip next round!

This time I made mushroom spread with omelet(plus Vegetarian ham, bell pepper, mushroom, cherry tomatoes)...yummy..

I call it roti canai wrap as kids loves roti canai.

Perhaps next time I should introduce them the actual name plus the country where people ate it daily like their staples :) That's what food is all about, the people, their country & culture ...enjoying food and learning about others culture!

Is there any new food/recipes you tried out lately with your kids?

Please share..


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Importance of Using Car seat

Hi folks!

Have you seen the recent news about a child who injured for not sitting in a carseat?

I must admit it's not easy to put the baby sitting in a car seat without refrain but I must remind myself to make it a habit and also to fasten it properly on the child and onto the car.

Images like what appearing in the news is enough to make us be more careful and take heart.

Drive safe and sit safe everyone!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Year in Reflection in month of March

Hi folks!

Do you find time passes very quickly? It’s March now and I just finished my 3rd cans of CNY cookies!


New Year is the time we start to clean up our house to prepare for the New Year, new beginning. It’s also a time where we relook our expenditure, finance and goals.

I have not really put down my goals for the year as I rush through the year with minimal time to do the house cleaning!

Where has the time gone! :P

I guess I’ve been trying to take it bit slower this time, less stress, just focus on the important ones.

However, plan and reflection is something we or I feel I should be doing otherwise, next year today I would still be lamenting where the time has gone?!! And I’ve learn from my work in project management field, when we fail to plan, we will end up spending our time putting out fires everywhere, all the time rather than deliver the items efficiently and effectively.

Thus, plan for it though allow room for hiccups and even “surprises”, at least we are ready for it!

This year I like to focus on 3 areas in my life:

1.       Family

2.       Career

3.       Personal

Let’s start by looking back at significant events/milestones:


Welcoming new member ZS into our family has indeed brings on much joy to every one of us. It also brings about lots of other changes to adjust to. Overall it has been manageable thanks to DH who happened to be able to have lesser night working. To the older siblings who have learnt to be more independent and even helped out in household chores.


Though I’ve been given opportunities to take on more/extra work, etc. Sense of fulfilment, satisfaction, appreciation is missing out. Or am I the only one to find it harder to find work-life-balance. It’s a fact that simply non-existent or lacking in Malaysia job market/employer.  


Learning to DIY more and it’s part of my personal growth too. Learning to manage finances and learn new skills. Experimenting..I’ve even tried cutting my own hair haha.


Lessons learnt:

I used to set myself into situation whereby I have more balls than this to juggle on daily basis which is making myself close to burn-out and stressed-out and make me a rather “fiery” mom which I really detest! This year, it’s time to refocus…realign back to keep my balance and keeps it going in a healthier and happier way!

Now let’s move on to looking ahead:


I hope to create a more fun, loving and adventurous vibes at home. May I vow here that I will STOP raising my voice except it’s for singing/reading aloud? :P


I want to pick up skills which can allow me to work anywhere in the world (including working from home). Any industry, any fields, and any skills I am willing to pick up. Have to imagine myself stepping into new territory, and have to grab any chance come to my way.


I hope to resume some exercise activities, yoga, etc whichever possible on a daily basis. I like to regain my vitality, strength, cheerfulness and happiness by taking good care of myself and also make time for my own personal development, hobbies doing things I wanted to try doing such as:

1.       Baking

2.       Trying new recipes

3.       Travelling

4.       Writing

5.       Reading

6.       Singing

7.       Emceeing?

8.       PR?

9.       Translating

10.   Volunteer by giving training/talks?

Just some of the random ideas that came into my mind right now…


Will do a monthly reflection and planning from now on :D


What are the significant milestones or events happening in your life now?


Hi folks!

Each time the monthly "event" came, as it nearly came to an body seems to work at its own amazing way trying to get me to replenish all the lost blood, nutrients etc.

Thus find myself constantly in hunger mode. Munching almost all day long until I finished this pack of organic chestnut. Yum..last me one whole afternoon without need to search for more snacks to munch..not bad! Will try as get more of this for future monthly snacking "day" haha..

Rat Race

Aren't we one of the participants?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Medklinn Promotion, Mar 2014

Hi folks!

I've been thinking whether to invest another one for the kid's room especially with the haze right now...

Sharing the promotion with you all...

While trying to see if i should invest/can afford one more unit!


Trying out new food with kids

Hi folks!

It's been sometime since i wrote something about parenting...

Lately, it's been just a short post/pictures/write-up...

Of late, I've been thinking have I been introducing new food for the kids to try...

Haven't been up to much been busy thus those sure kids-proof recipes are the best bet during these time. Else I might need to clean up the unfinished food later on my own!

Bought some taco sheets and thinking to try do some wraps with the kids :) Let's see how our food adventures goes(more pictures later!)

What other food varieties/recipes have you been trying with your kids of late?

Do share!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Dry spell and water rationing in Malaysia

Hi folks!

Ever since it was announced on TV last week that water rationing will start at parts of Selangor areas, my kids have been constantly asking me when it'll happened and what if it happens?

As for me, after running back to back twice to Pediatrician for baby's phlegm, cough and wheezing, I have yet to find time to store some water (or even buy a big bucket for it!)

Then on Sat morning, I just tried to fill up whatever pots I have in the kitchen with water so that at least the kids still have water to bring to school..drinking water, for brushing teeth, etc.
Then on Sat evening, hubby finally has time to bring us to do some shopping and we also bought some disposable bowls just in case.

We hope this dry spell will go off soon and the precious commodity (a.k.a. water will resumed back to sufficient level) and we all could all learn how to be more cautious in using this precious commodity.

I also took this chance to educate the children on how to use the water sparingly and carefully and they've been helping mommy to stock up some water too..otherwise we'll need to dry-clean ourselves for few days..

What are the things affected when household are without water? I think many people would have affected and thought about it too. For household with kids it's even more inconvenient.

Think water for:
  1. drinking (think water bottles for 4 adults!)
  2. making milk (clean boiled+ cool water)
  3. washing milk bottles (think those still-expressing moms..and the bottles & pumps accessories to wash)
  4. brushing teeth & face - wipe & gargle?
  5. cooking (as many would be wary to eat out where the eateries are affected by water rationing too)
  6. washing dishes (if we get to cook, for my family, we have to..for 4 of us at least 2 meals we packed to school/work)
  7. washing laundry _ we might able to bring to dobi shop but for how long, I wouldn't bring baby's clothes there though as it'll certainly be mixed with other adult you know...undergarments, etc!
  8. shower - kids sweat a lot at school plus the hot weather; i have standby some wet wipes just in case
  9. clean our hands after cleaning poo poo - a MUST!
  10. flushing toilet - can use recycle water
  11. washing cars - can't delay a bit
  12. what else can you think of?

Inconvenient it is...but also a lessons for us all on how to really be prudent in using precious commodities like water, energy, etc.

Let's learn from it so that God does not need to send another "lessons" to be learnt to us all!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Life is for