Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Shape a Colorful Community

Hi folks!

First of all, Happy Malaysia Day!

In conjunction with Malaysia Day, my kids and I did some fun indoor activities ( enjoy some bonding and fun time together despite the haze).

We did some sculpturing with PLAY-DOH® , yes! The all-time favourite that we used to play since young.

First I team up with my kids to imagine try to put some ideas together on what everyone in the family think will best and most positively represent Malaysia. 

The first thought that came to KY's mind was her favourite food- nasi lemak (a fragrant rice dish cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf), but alas we don't have any white play doh at hand, so she quickly switched to another of her favourite food, that is satay (a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat, served with a sauce).

Whereas for SE, he came up with the idea to create Malaysia flag, again we don't have any white play doh with us,so he got creative and started to sculpt the word MALAYSIA with the multiple, vibrant colors we had at hand. Very creative indeed!

As for ZS, he helped to build the hands of the three Malaysians (Malay, Chinese, Indians) holding hands together and KY made a special braided hair for our Indian friend here with lovely and fashionable saree (the traditional costume for Indians). ZS also helped to create the small buttons for our Malay friends who is wearing their traditional Baju Melayu. How cool is that?

As for me, I thought of our National flower hibiscus and thus TOGETHER, we made this to represent our Colorful Community in Malaysia and also to express our love for Malaysia, our beloved country.

Can you see the plate of satay along with the yummy peanut sauce and refreshing cucumber made by KY in the picture?

I am surprised how much quickly they could come up with ideas about our country Malaysia. And of course, all these food, flowers, and identities of our community is very close to our heart as Malaysians.

So, what activity are you doing with your kids today on Malaysia Day? Here are some inspirations of ideas came up by others:

Lovely aren't they?

May our country and our folks be blessed with abundance of wisdom, strength and integrity to progress further as a nation.

Special thanks to PLAY-DOH® which helps brighten up our day with lovely shapes and colors we could explore together as family and expand our creativity!

Have a fruitful and lovely time folks...


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