Wednesday, November 9, 2016

[Self-care] My New Kitchen Toy..Making Healthy Beverage for Family

Hi folks!

I have been wanting to invest in a slow juicer for awhile now. My mil had one and whenever we went to visit her, kids would love making juice with the machine.

Finally got one slow juicer SKF brand at Taobao for less than MYR400(including shipping fee) with my sister.

I bought 10 green apples, 10 red apples 5 carrots, peppermint and 5 oranges. These can make 2-3 days worth of juice for my family of 5. Total cost per cup of juice is less than MYR3.50. Very worth it I would say considering such juice would cost MYR10++ if you drink it outside and you won't be certain that it's 100% pure juice without added sugar and water.

And the most wonderful thing is I found my second child, SE who is fond of drinking his father's 100 Plus every now and longer take it after drinking the juice. Half battle won! Yey!!

Now going to try out more juice recipes like pineapple, beet root etc. if you have any nice recipes to share, please kindly leave your comments.

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle!

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