Monday, November 7, 2016

Vegetarian Happy Meal for Kids' Children's Day Party at School

Hi folks!

Last Friday was the day kids been looking forward to at school; no exams, no homework and they get to wear clothes and shoes they like wearing, plus no heavy school bags to carry...
It's their annual Children's Day celebration at school.

And, KY requested for this Happy Meal a.k.a vegetarian version. I made something simple by mix-and-match the stocks from the freezer- vegetarian sausage, vegetarian drumstick, vegetarian nuggets and vegetarian pepper mock chicken. I added their favorite green apple as I felt "Happy Meal" wouldn't complete without some natural food and all fried food is not to our likings and habits would find something missing like salad, and you yearn for something fresh and green..that's for me!

Hopefully they have enjoyed their food and celebration. I couldn't cook anything more elaborative for 50+ people times two(two kids with 50+ classmates in their classes) nowadays..phew..salute those mommies who managed to bake or cook something more decent :)

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