Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hospital stay and recuperating

Hi folks!

ZS is recovering well and faster than I have expected. After first day, his breathing actually stabilized albeit still comes with phelgmy cough and fast breathing.

His staple daily is a packet of Ningxia red sachet, something which also helps to boost his blood regeneration (being a Thalassemia minor, his iron level is typically lower than normal). Iron level does affects a kid's immune system as well. Thus, it's his daily drink for quite sometime now.

Thankful that his hospitalization happened during school holiday for Deepavali, thus it's more manageable for DH and myself(as I need to stay in the hospital with him the entire time).

The two older siblings came over to accompany ZS for awhile before being sent to my parents' home due to his father needed to arrive at work before their daycare is open. Thus, he is not able to send them to the daycare before work. 

Now l know what a good gift for a child who is admitted to the hospital, lego toys, it can really occupy them for sometime so that I get to wash up and clean myself or make myself a cup of drinks. Thanks to my sis who came over with a box of lego toys nicely-wrapped in Toy 'R us wrapping paper. It made hospital stay more bearable and happier besides the needle poking, forced-fed med and yucky nebulisers distress every few hours. Especially for ZS who struggled and refused to take the nebulisers and kept telling me that he prefers the lemon and lemongrass essential oils that we used to diffuse at home in his room. What a smart boy!

Essential oils have been truly part of our family daily regime and also our first-aid kit. It has becomes part of our natural lifestyle. So when ZS is hospitalized, I try to apply some oils on him(need to have 2-hr gap in between the medicine, thus I set alarm clock after feeding him med) to fasten his recovery.

As he wasn't able to take in the yucky antibiotic ( he spit and vomited all over me and the two nurses during the force-feed struggles). So his stomach is really bloated. Plus lack of movement and not having much appetite make him constipated. To help his bowel movement as he farted a lot and stomach was kind of bloated, i applied diluted Digize for him and on myself too. The next minute I went to toilet myself but not ZS(guess maybe not much food in his stomach but he drank a lot of fluid like Ningxia Red, plain warm water and soup). The result would have been better if we layered with peppermint(an oil which can enlarge the benefits of the oils previously applied) or ginger essential oil (which I did not bring along to the hospital).

I also alternate and applied diluted Dorazul Azul, Myrtle, RC, Lemon, Eucalyptus Radiata which helps in respiratory condition. I usually apply this oils at night when there is no med given and while he is sleeping so as to aid his breathing and make him sleep better as I felt having a good sleep and letting the body heal by itself is the best medicine ever!
Note: RC is not suitable for kids below 2, so you can use Idaho Balsam Fir or Myrtle instead.

The next morning, one of the nurses who happened to have blocked nose entered our room, and she asked, what is that smell that unblocked her nose? I told her I applied some oils for my son. And glad that it helped her too. There were two nurses who were having running nose and uncovered with mouth mask which I advised them to do so to avoid catching or spreading it to the patients. Too bad they said they couldn't be on mc, maybe due to insufficient staff during Deepavali break.

Back to ZS who is refusing all the antibiotic that needs to be taken orally(not available through drip according to their age), I consulted my trusted certified aromatherapist on what I could do if ZS couldn't take in or tolerate any of the antibiotic given and amazingly I was told oregano can step in to help in this case. No wonder oregano is part of the oil in their Raindrop Technique Massage Kit. I was told to dilute it properly as oregano is a hot oil and apply on ZS's sole(usually the safest and also the easiest to absorb part which we can apply the oils for children) thrice a day. 

So this is what i have been doing to help in ZS recuperation. Hopefully the natural remedy fasten the healing process and a less painful and distressing way; and would make his body becomes stronger and his immune to recover better.

If you also like to introduce essential oils as part of your family healthy regime at home, I do suggest you can sign up member yourself to gain the benefits of accumulating points to redeem free oils plus getting all the freebies. Feel free to sign up here and start lessening the need of using medication, instead getting our body to be strong enough to heal on its own:

I am still learning on this journey of natural form of healing and therapy from plants. Should you have any questions, I would love to hear from you. 

Cheers to a healthier and happier life!

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