Monday, November 7, 2016

What is your color?

Hi folks!

Recently i attend a workshop that shared about this color type personalities.

Quite interesting to know.

Now, why not check it for yourself in the colors below, which is your color?

In summary,
Lions (Red)-  Driven; Get out of My Way!
Monkey (Blue)- Expressive; Fun, Fun, Fun!!
Owl (Green) - Analytical; Let's get the Facts and Figures!
Koala (Yellow)-  Amiable; We all Need to get along together, let's be FRIENDS!

So, folks what is your color? Mine is Yellow. And people with Yellow personality often cares a lot about others but lack of self-care. Thus they tend to neglect their own needs and find it hard to say "No".

After learning about my personality and also learning a couple of other useful and awesome(will share it in another post), I would like to post about my series of self-care actions and affirmations done with all of you and would love to hear your feedback and also the "self-care" action you folks have taken too! Let's understand ourselves better and work on strengthen our strong points to make up for our weaker point. For my case is- it's great that i love and like taking care of others (DH said this is why he has chosen me as his girlfriend and married me!), but  also need to love and care myself better in order to be able to care for others better.

So folks! Let's embark on this journey together. Getting to know ourselves better and set to fulfill our full potential in this life journey.


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